LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 2 Recap

It’s time for episode 2 and this one is going to get messy!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now, there are spoilers below!

Tonight is Castle’s vs Cannonballs. That’s right it’s more slow motion destruction. These episodes are always fun but it can come down to the luck of whether your slow-mo looks good or bad.


The teams arrive and are confronted by a bowling lane and some brick built pins. But that’s just to demonstrate the concept of destruction. They will all have to build a massive castle.

Hamish wheels out a selection of hidden minifigures. Teams will randomly pick one of four different minifigures; a Spartan, a knight, a viking or a samurai. Their build will have to be based on the minifigure they pick.

Fleur doesn’t want the Spartan. She’s 100% going to get the Spartan. And.. she does.


  • Scott picks the knight. I feel like this is the best option considering it’s a castle build.
  • Amy gets the samurai.
  • David and Gus the Viking.
  • Gabby picks Viking too.
  • Atlanta gets the Dark Knight.
  • Anthony gets the other samurai.
  • Finally Michael and Harrison get the remaining minifigure – the other Spartan.

For this build teams have 8 hours (less 5 minutes for Gabby and Ryan).

Each team gets a pre-built ‘island’ to build on.


Michael and Harrison are happy with the Knight. We get their intro that we didn’t get yesterday. Two AFOLs who play football together. A nice simple origin story.

Their build is going to be a hydra with a Zeus minifigure in it’s mouth.

Gabby and Ryan are doing a brickbent hexagon. This makes me uncomfortable. It could be an interesting build though.


Anthony and Jess are doing a samurai dojo. They seem to be opting for a really tall build. Not sure height is the right approach when the bowling ball is going to be rolling along the ground.

Scott and Owen are pumped to have the knight. Owen has a knight letterbox! I like their idea of a wizard trying to protect the kingdom. Their idea to ramp the bowling ball could be a major point of difference that wins this for them. If their explosion looks better they’ll take it out. It’s that simple.

Fleur and Sarah are not thrilled with this one. They are doing a giant spartan warrior. Big character work always impresses. Hamish is going to give this team a little bonus. 15 seconds to call Fleur’s husband who loves Spartan stuff. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t help.

David and Gus are doing a quiet viking village. I think viking is one of the harder options tonight but I like their story.

Atlanta made a catapult and she’s so proud. And she should. It’s always great to figure out a moc.

The catapult is for her and Jeff’s knight build. They got the dark knight and are leaning in to the concept in a fun way – a dark knight who secretly loves pretty pink stuff. A dark ominous castle that explodes with pink and purple could look awesome in slow motion.


Tonight we also get Amy and Dawei’s intro package. These two are a team who knew each other before the show so should work well together. Dawei has a fancy car. I think it’s a Ferrari maybe? I don’t know cars. It does seem very impractical for LEGO shopping whatever it is.

Dawei and Amy are doing a dragon attacking a fortress to steal the food inside. If that is their story then hopefully they are putting a heap of food – minifigure scale or brick-built – inside so it will look cool when the ball hits it.

Dawei seems to be struggling with his dragon build. He’s got a bad case of builders block.

I am still uncomfortable with Gabby and Ryan’s build. I like the idea but I don’t know if it will look cool when the ball hits it.

Scott and Owen seem to be very different. Hopefully that difference doesn’t become an issue in later episodes. The seem to be on top of things today. BUT DON’T RUN WITH YOUR BUILD! That’s disaster waiting to happen.

Their idea is super macabre but the exploding tower of heads could look super awesome in slow-mo.

Dawei is still having dragon issues.


I am liking the hydra that Michael and Harrison have created. They seem to be putting a lot of the outcome on one minifigure. Huge risk. But it’s not an elimination so why not.

There is one hour to go and Dawei still hasn’t finished the dragon.

Fleur and Sarah seem to be just filling their build with a whole pile of parts. Their giant spartan does look cool though. It may not explode though.

Owen has build an awesome magic wizard shield. If the ball hits that straight on it’s going to look epic.

Jess and Anthony’s build is very tall but again I don’t think tall is going to win it. It’s just going to fall over. AND… it may fall over before the ball even gets to it. That’s a decent lean.

Anthony goes for the last minute fix. Which works fine. Nice try ad break to build suspense you didn’t fool me.

Scott and Owen’s ramp is still a brilliant idea.

Sarah and Fleur have stolen all of the horses. Were horses a big thing in Sparta? A cool slow-mo horse could win it.

Dawei’s dragon looks pretty good considering how much trouble it caused him. I am not sure how well their whole build is going to explode though.

Time’s up and let’s see some stuff get destroyed!

First we need to reveal the mystery bowler…. it’s Hamish. Was it ever going to be anybody else?


David and Gus

The story is a viking bell ringer asleep on the job failing to warn the village of the impending cannon ball. I like the story. I think Viking was a tough one. Let’s see how it goes…

The sleeping bell ringer survives! Which is perfect for their story. It’s not super impressive. It’s not bad but I don’t think it’ll win.

Sarah and Fleur

I really like the giant Spartan. There is a lot of loose elements that could look great.

The bulk of the Spartan survives which is a bit of a shame. Overall this isn’t amazing.

Jess and Anthony

There isn’t much of a story to this one, but it’s very tall.

The ball hits a little off-centre and the tower very slowly falls. Brickman seems impressed but I’m not a fan. I want to see explosions of colour not something slowly falling over.

Amy and Dawei

The build overall looks pretty good but I am not sure there is much too it.

The ball hits off-centre again and the main building explodes with colour but there doesn’t seem to be any food inside? Their story was the dragon had come to steal food. If their build had exploded with food flying off everywhere this would have been WAY better.

Harrison and Michael

Another great looking build but I don’t think it will do enough to win. Zeus isn’t going to fly up.

Called it. Zeus doesn’t do much but the chicken looks cool. Not going to win it.

Jeff and Atlanta

This is probably my second favourite of today’s builds conceptually. I really hope it works in slow-mo the way it is intended to.

I think this looks awesome. Love the contrast with the black exploding to pink.

Scott and Owen

This is a super impressive build. The castle looks great. The wizard’s spell is awesome. I really hope the slow-mo looks cool because this deserves to win it I think.

That was brilliant! They really thought about the physics of the whole thing and it ended up making the ‘explosion’ way better than all the other teams so far. This is going to win it for sure! SO GOOD.

Gabby and Ryan

Our cursed team. The brick building is an interesting use of technique but I don’t think it’ll look cool when the ball hits.

THE BRICK OF DOOM strikes and Hamish misses the middle. It’s super lame. So lame in fact they are giving them a spare. Still not overly impressive.


The top two are…

Scott and Owen and… Jess and Anthony? Brickman is wrong here. That was lame.

Scott and Owen clearly win it and take out immunity from tomorrow’s elimination.

Who will be the first to go? Let’s find out tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 2 Recap

  1. mic Reply

    I want this show condensed down to a 10 minute recap, tell us challenge and then show a bit of the build and then the models and cut all the rubbish. I can never get past the first 10 minutes, nothing is happening. Turn your review into a video and I’ll just watch that.

    • Andrew Reply

      Yeah there’s too much detail missed in the build process. You see the basic concept, then for most teams the next thing you see is the finished model which looks completely transformed. I guess this will get better as the number of teams drops.

      Can’t stand the ads, especially for all the brain dead “reality” shows these networks insist on pumping out. Will record the eps from here on in and watch later without the ads (Monday night for example had 40 minutes of advertising and network promotion…)

      • Chill Reply

        I understand it was the season premiere but I found it frustrating a family orientated show was still airing well past 9pm. Just like last season, they do seem to favour some teams over others in the amount of screen time they get.

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