LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 6 Recap

Unfortunately not every episode can be a fun relaxing immunity challenge. Tonight one team will go home and all we know is that it won’t be Michael and Harrison.

The teams arrive to find Hamish in a box. The classic magician style box that is.

Sarah and Fleur are feeling confident that they won’t have to play the Platinum Brick.

Meanwhile Gabby and Ryan are just hoping to finally break the curse.

Michael and Harrison head home and it’s time for Brickman to cut Hamish in half.


That’s right – we are doing the cut in half challenge again.

The 5 items are a Cash Register, Boom Box, Gramophone, Chainsaw and a Telescope.

Teams will pick a random minifigure numbered 1 to 5. Team that gets number 1 goes first and so on.

  • David and Gus get 2
  • Scott and Owen get 4
  • Gabby and Ryan get 5, of course
  • Sarah and Fleur get 1
  • Jess and Anthony get 3

Sarah and Fleur pick first and take the chainsaw.
David and Gus take the boombox.
Anthony and Jess go with the telescope.
Scott and Owen pick the gramophone.
Gabby and Ryan are left with the cash register.


Teams have 10 hours for this build.

Sarah and Fleur are doing a treehouse under attack. I think doing something tree related coming out of the chainsaw was the most obvious choice. If they can pull of a really impressive treehouse this could work. Getting the natural shape will be a challenge.


Sarah is doing technic framing, which is not something they are confident in.

It seems that Hamish will be in half for this entire episode. This would be super distracting.

Hamish is rocking the limited edition Adidas sneakers that sold out in like 5 minutes.

Gabby and Ryan have finished their 5 limit handicap and start discussing their idea. They are thinking rich socialite bursting out of the cash register. A good character build could take this out.

Gus and David are struggling with their boombox. Their breakthrough is turning the boombox upside down and building out below it. I like their idea of musical stuff exploding out of the crashing boombox.


Hamish finally gets reassembled thanks to some help from Gus. Everybody is very impressed once they notice.

Scott and Owen seem to be doing a giant brown Jabba The Hutt attached to their gramophone.

Oh, no it’s actually The Tree of Life. They are going to tell a love story built in around a tree. I don’t get how this ties in to their real world object. These two could be in trouble.

Brickman stops by to basically say they are being stupid. They decide to stick with their same idea and just modify it slightly. Still in trouble.


Jess and Anthony have the telescope and they are doing a Rocket Man. The telescope seems like a tough build. It’s long and narrow with not a lot of attachment points. The ability to pose their rocket the way they want could be an advantage though.

Gabby and Ryan’s character is looking good. A lot of personality already in that face. Now for the awkward discussion about boobs. Gabby knows how to make spheres so their character is going to end up very busty.

Sarah and Fleur seems to be struggling with the engineering side of their build. If they can’t get this to work they are in some serious trouble. The problem is that they are building off a glued on baseplate with no technic connection points. You can make the best technic frame in the world but it’s still getting connected via studs. It needs to balance correctly. I think here they could have used tree roots to add some support. Sarah instead decides to brickbuild the whole thing rather than use technic framing. I’m not sure this will help that much.

Scott and Owen feel like they have their tree more connected to the gramophone. They are taking the concept literally. Literal physical connection. They’ve missed the brief that it has to be thematically connected.

Brickman points this out to Scott and Owen who somehow are only getting this 4 hours in to the challenge. They got so caught up in their original idea they may have screwed themselves.

Owen seems to really get caught up in his own ideas and doesn’t like to adjust. This awesome sent them home last time.

Thankfully, I think, the tree is gone in a dramatic smash.

They now have much less time and are starting from scratch.

Their new plan is a love song. They are doing love birds singing a song. I like it. But now they need their tree back. The smash may have been a bit too dramatic.

Gus and David are doing a lot of little mini builds of musical instruments. They are all looking pretty great. Except the trumpet.


Anthony has got the body of their Astronaut connected and staying in place. Now they need to get the heavy head in place. There are 5 camera people waiting for it to fail. And Hamish with his phone. It didn’t fall!

Gabby and Ryan have a lot of blank studs on the side of their cash register. They discuss the idea of having a sports car bursting out to go with their character.

I think Sarah and Fleur are going to have to play their Platinum Brick today.

Damn Gus and David’s build is looking great.

Anthony is really struggling. Jess tells him to go take a breather in the brickpit. I think there’s a genuine concern here from Jess about her teammate. It’s not great to see Anthony struggling but I like seeing the teamwork.

Anthony gets it in the end by switching to a long technic pin rather than just a standard one. It still doesn’t seem super stable but hopefully it holds.

Gus has managed to build a new trumpet and it looks much better than his first attempt. They also have some great looking musical notes.

I think Scott and Owen have managed to turn this one around. There build is looking great now and it has a nice Power Function element.

Time is up! Let’s check out the final builds.

Gus and David


Oh I love this one so much. Great concept. Great use of colour and all of the little sub-builds are stunning. It’s got a sense of motion thanks to them building parts of the boombox exploding out. So good. This is the winner for me.

Owen and Scott

The end result does not reveal the drama at all. It’s great. So much detail throughout and it really tells the story that they wanted to tell. The connection might not be as clear as other builds but I think it works. Going from Brickman’s comments they aren’t going to win it but they aren’t going home.

Sarah and Fleur


Get the Platinum Brick ready to go. It just doesn’t look great overall. Conceptually it works because it was the obvious idea to do but execution is really poor. The base of the tree just looks like a brown lump.

The rooms that Fleur did all look great. It’s really let down by that base.

Gabby and Ryan


Kitty Cash is a great character build. Lots of personality. Sure her tits are up near her shoulders but I won’t hold that against her.

The additional elements like the handbag with Chihuahua and the sports car add to the overall concept.

Don’t think it’s the winner but it’s safe. Brickman loves it way more than I do.

Jess and Anthony


I love the concept and I really love the face that they have done on their character. The body is a little clunky. Brickman picks it to pieces too.

Sarah and Fleur are going to play the Platinum Brick and send these two home.

Michael and Harrison are back and it’s time to see who goes home.

OH MY GOD SARAH AND FLEUR DON’T PLAY IT! I did not see that coming.

First lets do the top two – David and Gus, and Gabby and Ryan. The team that takes out the win is David and Gus. Their build was absolutely the best today.

Now it’s time to see who will go home. The bottom two are obviously Sarah and Fleur, and Jess and Anthony.

Brickman sends home Jess and Anthony. Second elimination in a row that I am not sure I agree with. Sarah and Fleur got first choice, picked something that had a super obvious way to do it and then did a terrible job at it. There was no technical skill in their build and 90% of it looked like a random pile of brown bricks.


Jess and Anthony didn’t nail their astronaut’s body but I think it was definitely the more technical of the two builds. The head of their astronaut was great. Their concept was more imaginative. Also some of Brickman’s complaints seemed nit-picky, such as not building the bottom part of the rocket cone over the end of the telescope. This would have obscured the telescope and made it less obvious what it was. He also criticised the exposed hip joints but didn’t say anything about the same LEGO elements being exposed in the arms of Gabby and Ryan’s build.

I am not sure I like how the Platinum Brick is playing out. Brickman already has too much power on this show and now whenever Sarah and Fleur decide not to play it Brickman can decide then and there if he wants to keep them in or not.

11 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 6 Recap

  1. Dan Reply

    Yep. Not sure how I’m liking this season. Fleur and Sarah definitely not on the same level as David and Gus or Owen and Scott. In fact, I think they’re the weakest team left in it, yet they get to avoid the next elimination as well because of that platinum brick. To date, they’ve only had 2 good builds. The space shuttle Mars Musical and the first build. All the rest have been below par. They won’t be the next team eliminated but if they make top three, I’m tuning out.

  2. Mark Reply

    Totally agree, Jess and Anthony were shafted. Just like Survivor; if you son’t play the immunity idol when you need to. you go home with it in your pocket and look like a fool! Maybe, just like last season, they’ll get a revenge build against Fleur & Sarah to prove they deserve to still be in the competition. Remember the one where teams had to build a 1:1 copy of an object. I still think that the Gameboy was better than the Polaroid camera. Lego Masters would be so much better if it was like “My kitchen rules” and all teams got scored each week, with the winner being decided by total points. That way you get to see more great builds week in / week out IMHO!

  3. Dave Reply

    My guess is that they will play the brick in the next challenge, then the ‘massive plot twist’ will be a build off between them and another couple on Monday.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Like all “reality” shows, it operates to the whim of the producers. Presumably it was felt they still had all the younger teams still in, and wanted to keep different viewer demographics engaged as long as possible.

    As a Lego fan I just want the best builds to win. Not always feeling that this year I must admit.

    Both the immunity brick and the curse brick have been fizzers this year – they needed to spice it up a bit and share those around. All it means is Sarah and Fleur will be there longer than they might have been otherwise and we don’t really see the best Gabby and Ryan can do.

  5. Andrew Reply

    Hmmm .. could be just the editing, but did anyone else notice Jess and Anthony in the trailer (read “spoiler”) for Sunday at the end of this ep?

    • TeufelHund Reply

      Yeah – Channel 9 is terrible like that – dropping promos for the enxt episode right before an eliminationn where you can clearly see contestants up for elimination are in the next episode. Even worse is the promos they drop for other shows containing less than child-friendly stuff (I have to cover my kids’ eyes and ears sometimes.

  6. Nelson Reply

    I love the girls for their teamwork and good nature but I think they are getting out of their depth now.I agree with Andrew that Brickman may be exercising a bias to keep the girls in for TV. They really should have played that platinum brick. Hard not to acknowledge that their model was the worst. All the best to them, they can definitely build, just need a bit more consistency

  7. Scott Reply

    I think both the bottom two were deserving of being sent home with what were some very lacklustre builds, but at least Jess and Anthony were trying something new. Sarah and Fluer are excellent builders and have some stellar ideas, but they have not developed or learnt anything throughout the competition. They needed to include technic frames on some of their earlier builds (such as that awful witch) to help them in these layer challenges.

    As it stands, it’s a little disappointing that they will make the final four thanks to the platinum brick (or possibly further, if other teams have disasters during their builds), yet they are now the weakest team left (but totally deserving of their place in the competition as a whole). Them’s the breaks in reality series!

    I still wish the teams were scored by two or three judges (not even Lego certified, just to give more scope than just brickman, even more members of his build team!) and then at the end of the 10 or so rounds, the winner was the team with the highest score. That way we’d be treated to eight potentially awesome builds every episode.

  8. Joshua Kirton Reply

    I love this show but the new format which shows the finished builds at the beginning of each show really ruins the fun of seeing the builds evolve.
    My whole family was gobsmacked Sarah and Fleur were not eliminated – demographics and ratings obviously play a large part in judging.
    The platinum brick is grossly unfair to the other teams and will hopefully be axed for next season.
    The brick of doom is fun and I suspect has negligible impact on the build given they no doubt use the time to come up with ideas to share once the time has expired.

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