LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 7 Recap

After a rough few LEGO Masters-less days its time once again for some prime time LEGO building.

We know that today is Kale day. If that means you didn’t watch this and just want to find out who goes home feel free to jump to the end of the article. I won’t blame you.

I promise that I will try not to pick on Kale too much in this. He is still a person and deserves to be treated that way. In saying that I have had interactions with Kale online where I have personally found him to come across just like he does on TV. Sorry Kale if you are reading this.

Let’s begin…

The teams arrive to find Hamish preforming his one man show version of Disney’s Up.


Scott and Owen don’t want to hear the word elimination. Today is an elimination.

There are two builds today.

The first build is called Will it Fly. Teams must build something to be suspended by a giant helium balloon.

Each team gets one balloon and their build must hover for 10 seconds. Can’t float off, and can’t hit the floor.

This is an interesting challenge because you can’t go big, but you also can’t go too small.

Scott and Owen are tossing up between and astronaut or a child floating through space. They decide to go with the less terrifying idea of an astronaut.


Gabby and Ryan are off after their 5 minute handicap.

Gus is wearing a shirt that says “I’m Gus”. This is very handy for people like me writing recaps. Not that I get these two mixed up.

Gus and David are doing a beautiful Pegasus. They will be able to add and subtract bricks to the wings easily.


Michael and Harry are doing Harry’s love life. There is a woman floating away from Harry while Harry holds on for dear life. Sounds like Harry should have gone on MAFS.


Gabby and Ryan are using Power Functions to create a Flying Machine. I like the idea of this vintage aesthetic. The weight could be an issue as battery packs are not light.


Sarah and Fleur are doing a picnic basket. They test their model and it drops to the ground. Just the basic structure of their model is already too heavy. Time to adjust.


Lots of testing happening. I think this one is going to come down to the wire with minor adjustments.

Scott and Owen test their astronaut and it’s kind of hovering. Without any details. Time to adjust for these guys too.

Half way through and Scott and Owen are basically starting from scratch. These two need to stop doing this!

Gabby and Ryan seem to be going well. They go to test their build and it’s a bit heavy. They pull bricks off to try and get it just right.

Gus and David are also testing now. Their Pegasus is a little heavy. Hamish suggests it just needs to do a poo.

Sarah and Fleur are rapping about their build. The weight still seems off.

Time is almost up and all the teams are just tweaking their weights.

When time is up they need to step back and hope it hovers for 10 seconds…

The countdown goes and Scott and Owen are the only team that don’t hit the 10 second mark. The other teams will now be judged on their builds.


They check out Scott and Owen’s build. This just seems cruel to go over it.

Sarah and Fleur

Their picnic basket isn’t bad. The food is good but the basket itself is just a bit simple.

Michael and Harrison

Really cute build that makes great use of the balloon in their story. The female character seems a little boxy.

David and Gus

A very pretty build. These guys are great and sculpting a model to look like they want it to look like. Great use of splashes of colour.

Gabby and Ryan

They have pulled off Power Functions in a really whacky and fun build. I love this so much. This is clearly the winner of this challenge.

The top two teams are David and Gus, and Gabby and Ryan. The Pegasus was great but Gabby and Ryan take it out with an outstanding build.

You know what this means?! The curse is broken! THE BRICK OF DOOM is no more.


These two will also get and advantage going in to the next build.

It would be terribly ironic if these two went home today, after breaking the curse.

Time to reveal the next challenge. The door opens and… it’s Kale. Why doesn’t Bilsy get to come back? Despite the way Kale acted he did in fact have a teammate. #JusticeForBilsy.

Kale walks in with the swagger of somebody who did much better on LEGO Masters than him. He pulls out the finger guns and I resist the urge to throw stuff at my TV. Barely.


We get a “highlights” package of Kale from Season 1.

Today’s challenge is to build something that is as tall as Kale. Literal Kale Scale.


Today teams are specifically forbidden from building a building or a tower. These were two super obvious choices and I’d like to think nobody would have gone with something that obvious anyway.

Gabby and Ryan’s advantage is an extra 30 minutes to build. Their idea is to build a water fountain. This could be a challenge to get enough colour and excitement in to it.

Scott and Owen are trying to plan out their build so they don’t have to restart half way through. Their idea is a dinosaur.

We get a montage of Kale being Kale. Hamish seems to be struggling with Kale a bit.

Sarah and Fleur’s build is a minifigure crossing sign. I like the story part of it but this sounds a bit boring. It’s a pole with a diamond on it.

Gus and David are doing a Cobra coming out of a basket. Think classic snake charmer. I like this idea. They are also adding in Power Functions.

Brickman stops by to have a chat with Scott and Owen about their dinosaur. These two are unaware that it was a failed dinosaur build that sent Kale and Bilsy home in Season 1.

Brickman tells them they have no chance of getting their build done.

It’s time AGAIN for a Scotty Smash. That’s right, once again they are starting from scratch during a build. They’ve lost an hour of time on a challenge where you HAVE to go big. They could be in trouble.

Their new idea is a rocket. Simple idea. Can’t see this winning but if it’s nice they could at least be safe.

Michael and Harrison are doing a fisherman on a wharf. I like the sneaky idea of using the fishing rod to get height.


Jordie wanders out of the brickpit. I think this was just a fun way to remind Kale that he’s not the first S1 contestant to come back.

Jordie and Kale do their best impression of the Hamish and Brickman chat. Hamish shuts it down. It’s a cute bit.

Brickman says that Sarah and Fleur’s idea is his favourite. I don’t really get it. It’s a pole with diamond shaped plate on top of it. Sure, cute story, but it’s still just a pole.

Pack leader? What are you on about Brickman.

Brickman isn’t a fan of Michael and Harrison’s idea. He doesn’t like that the dock is so tall but doesn’t have much detail. BUT YOU ARE FINE WITH A POLE? COME ON!

Brickman comes over to tell Michael and Harrison that he hates their idea. “If all the action is up here, all of this is irrelevant”. OH BUT YOU LOVE THE POLE WHERE ALL THE DETAIL IS AT THE TOP?

Michael and Harrison start adding detail to the bottom of their build. They won’t win. Brickman has already basically said he hates it.

Sarah and Fleur are well above Kale height. It’s time for them to add the sign to their pole. From the look of it the sign part literally just sits on top of the pole with no attachment. It stays in place BUT they’ve got the crossing part of it completely wrong (on one side). They go to fix it and it falls! With 15 minutes to go this is going to be a race against time to get it back together. The platinum brick could be played today.

Gabby and Ryan are struggling to get story in to their build. They decide to add a little bit of a love story. Not sure that will come across very well.

Gus and David have built a flute! Scott and Owen have a rocket!

I think Gabby and Ryan are in trouble.

Despite losing an hour Scott and Owen are at height.

Sarah and Fleur have got their sign fixed and go to put it back on the pole. The sign comes apart and as they go to fix it their pole falls over and smashes. There is 30 seconds left. They will need to play the platinum brick. I didn’t really like their idea anyway.

It’s time for the results. Kale isn’t actually a guest judge. The sole purpose of Kale today is to be a tool and he could very easily have been replaced with a stick. Brickman alone still determines the winner. I’m not a big Kale fan but if you are going to get him back at least get him involved in judging in some capacity. Does Brickman’s contract specifically say nobody else is allowed to judge?

Anyway on to the results…

Sarah and Fleur


We survey the pile of bricks that was their build. It’s tough seeing something collapse right at the last minute.

Brickman says their idea was the best in the room and I loudly proclaim “BULLSHIT!” to my television. IT WAS A POLE!

Regardless they will play the platinum brick and send somebody else home.

Scott and Owen


Height is great. Overall it looks great. A bit narrow on top compared to the bottom. I like the detailing at the bottom with the smoke.

Brickman likes it but is annoyed they wasted an hour.

Michael and Harrison


I like this one. My only real complaint is that the pier is a bit narrow. I like that they added the story of the fisherman that has pulled up like 30 tires. It’s fun. They won’t win it and Brickman says they may be in trouble.

David and Gus


Damn this is AMAZING. Honestly feel like this could be something from a LEGOLAND or a store display. The fact that they got the motion is just an added bonus.

Gabby and Ryan


This is bland. I think these two could be going home with this one. The attempt to add story elements has been a bit of a fail. They check the height and to me it looks like they are just under. Brickman calls it over so I guess it’s over.

They are clearly bottom two and I will be outraged if they stay instead of Michael and Harrison.

Now for the results…

Sarah and Fleur play the platinum brick and dramatically place it back in the fancy storage unit.


David and Gus clearly have the best build and are safe. Owen and Scott are also safe. Today’s bottom two are Michael and Harrison, and Gabby and Ryan.

The team going home today is… Gabby and Ryan. THE BRICK OF DOOM gets the last laugh today.

Brickman is crying. Let’s hope he has a less emotional day tomorrow.

Overall I am not a fan of the way the Platinum Brick played out. Getting out of an elimination build at the start is one thing, but having the ability to fail and then send somebody else home seems cruel. At the end of the day this is a LEGO building competition and yeah I get accidents happen but if their build wasn’t structurally sound enough to not fail twice then do Sarah and Fleur deserve to still be here instead of Gabby and Ryan?

Let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 7 Recap

  1. Andrew Reply

    I agree with you re Brickman and the pole with a sign on it. Even if it had survived, it was clearly the least impressive build. It was the same in the last ep where he waxed lyrical over Sarah & Fleur’s build to the extent they didn’t have to play the brick then when they should have. Definitely some manipulation by the producers there.

    For me, Gabby & Ryan’s flying machine is the build of the series so far. To get that level of technical function in a build that had to be a very precise weight and balance was awesome.

    I can’t believe No-one built the ‘Up’ house ;).

    It’s a shame they went home. All fans of reality shows know that the advantage is never an advantage :(.

  2. Brick Chap Reply

    Firstly “the sole purpose of Kale today is to be a tool” well off the record he certainly succeeded in that, especially in Season one….. Better this time and I like Hamish’s little digs at Kale’s…personality…. Sorry to be blunt but the way he was very disrespectful to Brickman in Season one really just made me really dislike the guy. Scott and Owen obviously have a bit of difficulty sometimes taking Brickman’s advice, but at least it is about time management or flawed ideas, or really wanting to do something, rather then just outright defying and being rude to Brickman as a result of ego.

    I am really angry at the fool who thought up the Platinum brick. I havent got anything against Sarah and Fleur although they have tended to be the lesser good builds in the series and yet they are in final four thanks to some dumb TV gimmick.

    Ryan and Gabby made really cool stuff and I always liked their builds. Love the flying machine that was awesome and definitely the winner of that challenge. Brickman was really impressed with their Kitty Cash build watch out everyone “They are coming!” clearly showed his admiration for their building skills. Personal bias Ryan is music teacher, Im a musician sooo.. but nevertheless they are now gone 🙁 Personally I think they were a lot better builders then Sarah and Fleur.

    I thought the road sign idea was quite good, the snake was AWESOME. I really liked the fountain, when I heard the idea I was like cool! Thats a really interesting idea. I can understand the choice between Ryan and Gabby and Harry and Michael, and I could understand people’s annoyance had Harry and Michael been sent home instead.

    The producers really need to Brick off in this show. Lego Masters is the best show on TV Ive watched in years. Its fun, its exciting, accessible (us Lego fans can appreciate all the little details and so forth but non Lego fans can also just enjoy the show). Its also nice to see a ‘natural’ show, as in no political correctness (its a diverse cast without having to have someone with a clipboard ticking off all the possible demographics), mostly unscripted reactions and I always enjoy Brickman’s advice and feedback.

    The way he sent off Anthony almost like a mentor was really heart warming and Brickman’s support of Sarah and Fleur in this episode. He gives valuable advice and always tries to be encouraging but also knows how to ‘sort the sheep from the goats’, if someone’s disrespectful he can deal with them in a good way and also straight to the point tell teams if something is just wrong, like Scott and Owen’s dinosaur idea which is good. Having met Ryan McNaught in person I can confirm what a great bloke he is, very nice and down-to-earth.

    The point being the stupid producers dont need to stuff up the show. Hamish’s jokes and constant interruptions are really annoying (and Im sure these are to do with what the producers want him to do) and the way the build up tension despite having revealed the ‘reveal’ about four times over the various ads and promos. (the fact Kale was coming back is probably the most notable of these). Just let Brickman do his thing!

    One could tell Brickman was quite upset having to send Ryan and Gabby home basically just because of the said TV gimmick despite them certainly having the Lego skills to deserve to be in top four. After Sarah and Fleur, yes the fountain probably was the least good of the bunch although supposing Sarah and Fleur’s sign had stayed (with the right crosswalk) and there was no platinum brick, at the very least it might have been fair.

    The Brick of Doom was also stupid, corny and highly unfair. 5 minutes isnt tooo bad but for one team to have that disadvantage for the whole season is not right. The whole BRICK OF DOOM (lights and screams) was funny for the first three times but after the 300th time was just annoying and corny.

    I think the Brick of Doom for one build would have been okay, most importantly the BoD victims should have been allowed to plan. I get not building but not even planning (as in being able to brainstorm with each other) was highly unfair.

    Now of course, its a competition, life isnt fair etc. but contestants should be put on a level playing field. I completely get winners get a 30 minute advantage or immunity from elimination, thats fair as one can work towards to win the said challenge and gives everyone something to aim towards in the builds that arent eliminations. Perhaps the ‘loser’ of a non elimination could have got the brick of doom for ONE build, not every bloody episode.

  3. Scott Reply

    The producers are clearly unaware of the product and viewers. No one enjoyed Kale, so why bring him back?
    Brickman is either playing favourites too much, giving opposite feedback to two teams who had the same problem (fisherman and signpole), or the editors.are out to make him look like a chump.

    Overall two better teams have gone home before the mums, who at least are learning and attempting to adapt their builds and that is part of the reality of the series. I am hopeful that brickmans bias towards the mums ceases as they are excellent and creative builders, but have already stayed longer than their ability deserves.

    The promo for double elimination is b/s too. They obviously aren’t going to eliminate two teams, as they would then only have two teams left. So I guess a team or two will come back for a chance to get back into the competition.

    It’s annoying that the only show worth watching on free to air television is getting hard to watch due to poor producing, editing and judging. I hope it doesn’t go out a Dizzee and can end as strong as it started.

  4. MattL Reply

    I was really hoping someone would build a 1:1 scale Kale statue…and then blow it up.

  5. Legos Reply

    I don’t like sarah and fleur. I don’t think it’s brickmans fault that he’s favouring them, more the fault of the producers/showrunners. I think they thought Sarah and Fleur would be fan favourites, as they did Kale, to be honest they’re just annoying. The Brick of Doom was entirely stupid, it’s unfair to give one team a disadvantage without them having earnt it. Sarah and Fleur have been the least talented from the outset, I think even Jeff and Atlantas builds were better. They pride themselves on their characters, but they always end up looking blocky and the faces make me cry. Did Brickman even see the ballerina they did? That was nightmare fuel. Gus and David are clearly leagues better than everyone else, Scotty and Owen would be close, but they need to work on the Scotty smash problem. Sarah and Fleur deserved to go home on the cut in half challenge, Jess and Anthony have a right to feel scammed. To be honest season 3 is being carried by Hamish, he’s the perfect host for a show like this, funny. It would be nice to see Michael and Harrison more than twice an episode, to be honest I don’t even remember if that’s their names. I feel like this show needs more than one judge, brickmans great but we need more different tastes on the show, so that there can actually be a fair opinion, and so it’s not based entirely off brickmans tastes in lego.

  6. Dave Reply

    My favourite part of the Kale ‘highlights’ section was Bilsy’s expression throughout, with the dig about half a Delorean a perfect punchline. Probably the best bit of editing on the series so far.

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