LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 8 Recap

It’s Monday night, which usually means a nice relaxing immunity build day with nobody going home. Let’s see what is in store for us today…

The teams arrive and Hamish teases a big mid-season twist.


The roller door opens and… it’s… all of the eliminated teams!

It’s time to bring some people back. Not just one team, there are actually two teams re-entering the competition.

Fleur seems a little annoyed that she is no longer going to be in the top 4.

Wait a minute. Do they not tell Brickman what is coming up in this show? He was crying yesterday when he sent Gabby and Ryan home. Why was he so emotional if he knew he’d see them for the very next day of filming?

The existing top 4 teams are not building today. They head home to relax.

Today’s build is called Four Seasons. Each team will get a large area themed around one of the four seasons and they will have to create a minifigure scale scene.


Teams will pick a tree to see what season they get.

  • Jeff and Atlanta want winter or autumn. They get summer.
  • Amy wants spring and she gets it. Dawei is fine with that one.
  • Anthony wants winter for Jess and him. He gets autumn.
  • This means Gabby and Ryan get winter by default.

Teams have 10 hours for this build.

Ryan and Gabby are doing a train. Trains are Ryan’s LEGO passion, and it seems like a good idea today to go with your strengths. Their build is going to be a winter train heist.


Jeff and Atlanta are going with a beach for their summer build. The are doing a giant icecream monster. This sounds fun. A good character build for the icecream monster could stand out.

Jess and Anthony are struggling a little with the concept of autumn being Queenslanders. They decide to go with a camping story. Anthony is connecting this to his grandparents. It’s cute.


An hour in and Amy and Dawei seem to have not actually done anything yet. They are still brainstorming. Brickman stops by to help them workshop their ideas. They eventually decide on a flower festival with a giant rainbow.


Ryan is having fun in the brick pit working on his train. Meanwhile Gabby is just grabbing fistfuls of bricks.

The mountain is taking shape but it’s going to chew up a lot of time.

Hamish impresses Brickman with knowledge of honeycombing.

Jeff and Atlanta built a carrot? Orange was the wrong choice for the icecream cone. They probably can’t use tan because it’ll clash with the sand. Dark Tan should work though. They are going to need to redo that to be in with a chance.

Jess and Anthony seem to be progressing nicely but they decide they need a wow factor. Jess decides they need a bear. By ‘they’, she sets Anthony to work on it.

Amy is having issues getting the curve of her rainbow working. They really wanted to show of their technical skills but can’t crack this one. They scrap the idea and with five hours to go they start again. Have they been hanging out with Scott and Owen? Their new idea, a phoenix hatching, is something that doesn’t seem to be minifigure scale.


Jeff and Atlanta are brickbuilding their icecream rather than using SNOT techniques for it. They say that this is an aesthetic choice but they could lose points for technical ability here.


Anthony’s bear head looks fantastic. Brickman stops by to shit all over it. Come on Brickman it looks great. Brickman suggests making it cartoony? I think that would be way worse.

Hamish is ‘playing’ the violin behind our teams to motivate them. It’s a weird bit and it doesn’t really add to the episode.

Amy and Dawei seem to be struggling with time. It’s just like when they were on the show the first time.

Ryan and Gabby are working on getting all of the story elements in to their build. This could be what gets them back in the show if their story is clear.


Jeff and Atlanta are also working on getting the details in. Their icecream monster has huge hands, but it looks great.

Jess and Anthony are filling out their baseplate. Well, Jess is. Anthony is still working on the bear eyes even though his original ones looked absolutely fine to everybody other than Brickman.

Dawei is totally not going to get his bird head done. But I don’t think it matters because this does not seem to be a minifigure scale scene at all.

Amy and Dawei are not agreeing about the included Power Functions. These two might not be friends after this.

Teams are moving their builds in to place. Amy and Dawei are over first but their bird doesn’t have wings. With a few seconds left they get it in place. Ryan adds to his and Gabby’s build literally in the last second.

Now for the results…

Gabby and Ryan


Their Winter Heist scene is delightful. The train looks great and the use of the avalanche is a great way to tie in the season. Lots of great minifigure scale action here. There is also some very technical stuff in here. I think these two are back.

Jeff and Atlanta


Their Icecream Monster is a really fun idea. Lots of minifigure scale details here too. I think the choice to do the brickbuilt icecream could be their undoing though.

Amy and Dawei


The Spring Phoenix looks really pretty. This one does not get “minifigure scale” very well compared to the other builds we have seen so far though. Not nailing the brief probably means they aren’t back.

Jess and Anthony


Another fantastic build. The minifigure scale details are all super cute. The shape of the bear isn’t amazing but the head is really impressive. Brickman likes the white eyes.

Overall I think the win will go to Gabby and Ryan, and Jess and Anthony.

Our other teams are back to find out who is returning to the competition.

First up is Ryan and Gabby. Brickman really didn’t need to cry yesterday did he?

Jess and Anthony are also back.


Unfortunately that means that we once again say goodbye to Amy and Dawei, and Jeff and Atlanta.


11 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 8 Recap

  1. Andrew Reply

    So we’ve had eight episodes and eliminated only two teams? I guess that’s one way of stretching it out.

    Gabby & Ryan knocked this one out of the park, I hope they can keep going. Anthony & Jess seem to work much better together now too. Not sure why three of the four teams built a giant something for a Minifigure scale build though…

  2. Zer0G Reply

    The bear looked terrible, but not sure who else I would have kept on other then gabby and Ryan

  3. Mike Reply

    No more platinum brick or brick of doom and the last two teams to be eliminated (who in my opinion had stronger builds than Sarah and Fleur) are back. Life is fair after all.

    • Mark Reply

      Completely agree with you Mike, it’s great to have Gabby & Ryan as well as Anthony & Jess back! Lego Masters really is a show that lends itself to a “League table” format with all teams competing each week on different themes and styles of builds with the winners scoring the highest points over the 10 builds IMHO.

  4. Nelson Reply

    I don’t get it, what’s with all these giant tacky characters? brickman clearly said ‘minifig scale’. Only Gaby and Ryan did minifig scale and they did a great job. What ever happened to small intricate details? Where are the cool buildings? The giant phenix was completely random, likewise what is a giant bear doing in an autumn scene? I think both those sets missed the brief. Jeff and Atlanta kind of get away with the giant ice cream as it’s somewhat comical and adds to the summer theme. Teams have previously been criticised for making things out of scale, yet here we are, Jess and Anthony go through with a wildly out of scale bear. Scratching my head

    • jelmerdejong1 Reply

      I 100% agree with this comment. I was actually searching online for opinions on ep 8 as I was so confused- looks like Im not the only one

  5. Ashley the 11 year old Reply

    You really don’t need to swear in your recap. I thought this site had decency but it is just like all the other ones. Also go Sarah and Fleur because they are the only all-girl team this season and I think that they deserve to win. Written by an 11 year old who can see spelling mistakes in an ADULT’S post.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Ashley. I generally try and avoid swearing in my posts but sometimes they come through. Recaps are written as I’m watching the episode so are very rapid fire and not as censored.

      Adults make spelling mistakes all the time. I’m just a LEGO fan not a professional writer.

      Hope you’ll keep reading Bricking Around and I’ll do my best to avoid the swearing.

  6. Ashley the 11 year old Reply

    Ok I see your point. I am just pointing it out to other kids younger than myself could see that and it could scare or worry or confuse them regarding as to why they have not heard that word. I will continue to read from this site.

  7. Ashley the 11 year old Reply

    As for my spelling mistake mention, I was talking about Nelson who apparently can’t spell pheonix correctly.

    • ACE Reply

      Ashley, you should get off the internet if your offended by swear words lol ????
      I prefer the non G rated reviews as they are more honest and paint an emotion more accurately… know, like the real world that’s not all bubbles and rainbows..

      Keep up the good work Michael!

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