Think you could do better? Applications are now open for LEGO Masters Season 4

Have you been watching LEGO Masters from the comfort of your couch, screaming at the TV that you could do better than the teams on LEGO Masters? Now is your chance to prove your building skills on national television.

Nine have now opened applications for Season 4 of LEGO Masters. The show should be filming late this year so you should still have a few months to work on your skills after you apply.

Anybody who has watched the show will know that they are looking for a broad range of personalities. You can also apply as an individual (a lot of this years teams were paired up by producers).

You can find more details about the application process here.

There must be some Bricking Around readers who are good enough to take out the title in 2022.

2 thoughts on “Think you could do better? Applications are now open for LEGO Masters Season 4

  1. Andrew Reply

    Sadly I have no creative ability whatsoever, and am in awe of the LM builds. I’m strictly a follow-the-instructions type, and even that’s a struggle with the black pages 😉

  2. William Aaron Whitford Reply

    I’m Aaron from noosa Queensland,I’m 45 an 80s child with leggo in my blood. I have been rebirthed with my obsession with leggo ? thanks to woolies and my wife and adult kids bringing home not food,not beer but those plastic bricks,and that’s where it has risen again. I have done many pieces,(too easy) and just bought myself the colluseim,I’m very patient, passive (not aggressive)a perfectionist with anything I do,ie was a plasterer by trade but now bar manager,I train young and old with encouragement and support, and I can sing frank Sinatra better than anyone has ever heard,( yeah they all say that but it’s no bull shit)

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