LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 10 Recap

It’s Mother’s Day today and watching LEGO Masters seems like a great way to spend some family time. Let’s get in to it…

Unfortunately we know that today is going to be an elimination. We also know that Scott and Owen are safe.

Tonight there will be two challenges.


Our teams arrive and immediately notice a very obvious multi-lane race track.

Hamish reminds the teams that the gimmicks have all been played. No more brick of doom, no more platinum brick.

The winner of the first round today will get an hour of extra build time in the elimination build. This is a pretty big advantage.

For the first round each team will have to build a vehicle to race on the race track. The twist is that all wheels and tires have been removed from the brick pit. This is going to be fun.

The normal criteria are out the window. There is no aesthetics, no story telling. Today is all about getting across the line first.

Teams have 4 hours for the first build. This is longer than I expected.

Everybody is heading for the technic and all of the round elements.

David and Gus are thinking about friction for their “wheels”. They are doing some testing of various options. They are also building a gearbox so they can tweak their build on the fly.


Jess is excited about today’s build as it appeals to her STEM skills. They are going with a 3 wheel design.

Michael and Harrison are going with a tracked tank style design.

Gabby and Ryan are another team thinking about friction. They are using rubber tube elements with big 8×8 round wheels. Gabby and Ryan are the first team to test their build. Their tires are not great but there seems to be something to it.


Fleur and Sarah are not feeling too confident on this one. They are using “roundy holey bits” aka Dish 6 x 6 Inverted Webbed.

Their initial test is not great. Their build spins on the spot.

Jess and Anthony are keeping their build sleek and light. They create wheels out of two radar dishes back to back. Jess does a first test and their build is fantastic.

Michael and Harrison’s build is slow. Too slow.

Gabby and Ryan have over-engineered their wheels I think. It works but not as fast as Jess and Anthony.

They try a simple version and it’s way faster. Jess is a little peeved that their idea was copied.

It seems everybody is going dishes now.

Jess and Anthony are extending the length of their build. That could get them across the line, literally, faster.

There’s a special guest! The teams assume it’s Hamish in a costume again. The door goes up and it is not Hamish! It’s Trent from Season 2.


Each race, the slowest will be eliminated. After each run teams will have 5 minutes for repairs and tweaks.

Gabby and Ryan take it out just ahead of Jess and Anthony. Sarah and Fleur are last across the line and gone for race 2.

Anthony and Jess take it out easily. User error meant Gabby and Ryan were slow off the start but still came second. David and Gus didn’t even make it to the finish line and are out.

It all comes down to this. Despite a great start from Gabby and Ryan, Jess and Anthony get across the line first. They will get the bonus hour of build time.

The second build today is a pretty open brief. Build your dream home. This one will be all about story and aesthetics (as well as technical ability of course).

Jess and Anthony get straight in to it. They immediately decide on “All of the things house” it’s all the crazy stuff you could ever want. They also seem to be focusing on playability which should help in judging.


Brickman comes by and says “What will the house look like”. It appears they overlooked the exterior.

They decide to go with a billionaire mansion; clean, modern, big windows. Should allow the interior to be nice and obvious.

The 11 hours for the other teams starts.

Gus is not feeling this brief. He is a simple man uninterested in flashy houses. Eventually he and David decide on a house in the mountains.


Sarah and Fleur are doing a Beverly Hills mansion with a focus on music and art.

Gabby and Ryan are going with Ultimate Family Retreat, which follows the same principles as Homer Simpson’s car design; separate bubbles for the kids.

They are doing a lot of landscaping which chews up time.

Michael and Harrison are taking a huge risk and doing their house in microscale as part of a giant landscape build. This seems like a really bad idea.


Brickman doesn’t immediately dismiss it.

Gus and David’s build looks a bit odd. It’s a bit white box on a lump of dirt. Maybe they could turn that into a treehouse?

Brickman stops by for a pep-talk. It does not appear to have worked as Gus walks off to have a think.

David goes with my idea of turning the brown mountain in to a treehouse. Their new idea is an Amazon Tree House.

Gus is back on board.

Michael and Harrison are pulling out some clever microscale tricks but I am still not sure about this one.

Sarah mentions that there isn’t much of a market for LEGO art. There’s a whole theme of it now!

Gabby and Ryan seem to be a fair bit behind where they want to be in terms of time. They could end up having to sacrifice detailing.


Jess and Anthony have a giant shark tank. I am not sure about the aesthetics of their upper levels. It seems to contrast their modern design.

Hamish stops the clock with 3 hours to go. It’s time for a mid-build twist.

Teams will have to turn their dream home into a nightmare. They need to take their dream idea and present the nightmare version of that. This is going to be tough for some teams (Gabby and Ryan, Michael and Harrison I think).

Sarah and Fleur decide that the nightmare version of their story is the ATO showing up to confiscate their artowrk. The ATO is very scary.

Gus and David add a giant snake attacking their treehouse. This seems pretty simple but I think it works.

Jess and Anthony realise that the nightmare version of their build is a tsunami hitting the beach house. This is the obvious answer. Initially they aren’t going stupidly big with their wave but Brickman wants it bigger than the house.

Michael and Harrison decide the nightmare of their scenario is a city popping up in their tranquil valley.

Gabby and Ryan decide to have kids hyped up on ice cream. Kids can be very scary.

For their inital struggles Gus and David’s build is looking beautiful. The snake is looking awesome too.

Jess and Anthony are struggling to get their wave attached and secure. If they don’t get that on they are going home.

I’m not sure who is going home today… let’s have a look at all of the builds.

Gabby and Ryan


I liked their original idea and I think they have executed the nightmare twist quite well. They didn’t build a lot extra for the nightmare, relying on minifigure story telling to get it across. Overall I think they will be safe. Brickman loves it so it could be top two.

Gus and David


What a result considering the start. Their treehouse looks great. The giant snake was a great way to execute the twist. The only thing I would have liked was seeing the minifigures reacting to the snake. Brickman says the snake tounge is the best part usage of the show so far and I think he’s right. Who knew sausage plus cherries equals snake tounge.

Michael and Harrison


I was super unsure about their approach to this one. I thought the twist actually helped these guys as the miniscale city construction they thought of tells quite a clear story. Brickman picks up some major issues with scale on the additions. Bottom two probably.

Sarah and Fleur


I like this build. It’s a quite a clear story and overall the little details are well executed. There are definitely some parts that are a bit sloppy that let them down on technical skill points but overall I think this is safe.

Jess and Anthony


Their build looks a little busy and it’s a bit hard to get all of the story elements. The wave doesn’t look amazing but I commend them on actually building something for their nightmare scenario rather than relying on minifigure storytelling for it.

They have built their house to have removable levels for playability but they then had the wave resting on the roof. If the wave breaks when Brickman goes to remove the levels they are going home.

Brickman doesn’t even test it, he’s certain it’ll fall apart. Yeah these two are going home. They were really screwed by the twist in the end.

Now for the results…

The top two teams are Ryan and Gabby, and Gus and David. Ryan and Gabby take it out with their much better storytelling.

The bottom two teams are Michael and Harrison, and Jess and Anthony.

After getting back in the competition unfortunately Jess and Anthony are going home once again.

The twist stuffed them up today. Also, they were initially going to go with a smaller wave and Brickman told them it had to be bigger. A smaller freestanding wave could have potentially kept them in the competition today.

Tomorrow is the one episode where they get to use a licensed theme! It’s Marvel night brought to you buy Disney+.


4 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 10 Recap

  1. Matthew Morton Reply

    Considering what teams have done in the past a freestanding brick built wave was possible, but Jess n Anthony also could have had an open design for the building which would have saved build time, just unlucky

  2. Andrew Reply

    If you saw the very end of Tuesday’s ep you saw clearly a shot of the Marvel build showing all teams except Jess & Anthony. I wish I understood why the producers do this. At least that meant I didn’t need to watch last night 😉

  3. Nelson Reply

    I dont necessarily think that a smaller wave would have saved Jess and Anthony. Despite the twist they have the weakest build IMO. They may have a lot of detail inside (which we didnt clearly see) but the exterior is bland and by far the least impressive of all the builds. To be fair they were all quite good this time around so someone with a decent build was going home regardless. I must say, it was risky but I was impressed with the microscale build of Michael and Harrison, they showed off some impressive technical ability. I don’t think there is enough of that type of build in the show.

  4. Dave Reply

    I think Michael and Harrison were in trouble up until the twist- there just wasn’t enough in the landscape to justify the scale.

    I picked almost all the ‘nightmares’ ( I thought Sarah and Fleur were going to go with gender reversal) but I had no idea where Anthony and Jess were going to go- I guess there was a reason I didn’t think tsunami!

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