LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 11 Recap

Happy Monday everybody! It’s that time of the year where we get to acknowledge that LEGO has licensed themes, as long as it is the one licensed theme that agreed to this episode.

Today, it’s Marvel! Thanks Disney!

Our top 5 teams arrive and after a bit of banter Hamish reveals the secret brick pit! There’s a giant Avengers logo and our teams are pumped. There are some cool display pieces in there, as well as lots of Marvel minifigures.


Today’s theme is the entire Marvel cinematic universe. Teams will have to build one action scene.

As well as the usual criteria of technical ability, storytelling and aesthetics the teams will also have to add a sense of motion to their build. I say sense because all motors have been removed from the brickpit. This is more comic than live action. Old school diorama skills.

There are 5 locations that our teams could end up with; Wakanda, A Helicarrier, Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, Asgard.


Fleur does not know any of these locations. She was hoping for New York or Paris. Both Avengers Tower and the Sanctum Sanctorum are in New York. Sarah, thankfully, seems to be a lot more familiar with the MCU.

  • Ryan picks Thor/Asgard
  • Fleur picks Iron Man/Avengers Tower
  • Gus picks Captain America (Steve)/Helicarrier
  • Michael picks Black Panther/Wakanda
  • Scott gets Dr Strange/Sanctum Sanctorum

The winner of today’s build is NOT an elimination. The winner will be safe from tomorrow’s elimination and straight through to finals week.

Build time today is 10 hours.

Hamish is planning to steal some minifigures. It wouldn’t be a licensed theme episode if a few minifigures didn’t go walking.

Ryan and Gabby get to work on their Asgard build. They are doing a giant ice monster coming out of the water and attacking, with Thor fighting it off.


For their Asgard build they want as much gold as possible. There is not a lot of gold elements so they’ve basically claimed them all.

Brickman gives a bit of an overview of the MCU. It’s very basic stuff that I assume most people are aware of.

Sarah and Fleur are doing an exploding Avengers Tower with Hulk throwing a helicopter off the roof. I think Fleur just wants to build New York City.

Scott and Ryan are bonding in the brick pit. Nice friendly competition this one.

Gus and David are both big Marvel fans. They are doing Steve Rogers taking on a giant Red Skull mech. This sounds pretty cool.


They aren’t doing a full helicarrier, just the tip. The mech is already looking great and very Hydra.

Scott can not say Sanctum Sanctorum. Owen has mentioned the window. Thankfully they knew they had it. From the rear they will have the battle. Brickman doesn’t like it. So they are going to focus on the inside but make sure they still get the window in to it.


Scott is not feeling their new idea. He is put to work on the interior details.

They are doing a giant squid monster, with portals. They are going to have cameos from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gus is loving today’s build.

Michael and Harrison are doing a big shockwave crater with Black Panther vs Thanos. Their idea of having all of the trees bent from the impact is cool.

Gabby and Ryan’s Asgard is looking great. Very much like the movie design. Their rainbow bridge is awesome. Brickman drops the “Forced Perspective” words. Ryan and Gabby hope that isn’t cursed after the terrible forced perspective arcade game.

Brickman stops to have a chat with David and Gus. He points out that there is no turbines on their build. That makes it not a helicarrier and just a carrier.


Meanwhile Hamish is in the brickpit stealing minifigures. Antman and the Wasp mysteriously disappear in to Hamish’s pants.

Fleur doesn’t know who the Hulk is.

Owen is missing his power functions. They manage to get some good motion with their giant squid monster bursting through a wall. They also seem to have nailed the big round window.

Sarah and Fleur are lacking a “moment” in their build. I think the bigger issue is the solid grey background. It doesn’t look like a skyline.

Gabby and Ryan have nailed the Asgard. They haven’t started their Ice Demon yet. With two hours to go that might be a problem. They can’t get the face right.

I really like the concept of Michael and Harrison. It is pretty simple. Perhaps too simple. Michael gets to work on a giant panther head, with a potential temple.

Gabby has a great demon voice.

Scott and Owen are arguing about colours. I feel like we’ve been here before.

David and Gus are trying to get their quinjet to look like it’s flying. Making LEGO appear to be floating in the air is tricky.

Owen does some clever tricks to make Doctor Strange appear to be levitating.

Sarah and Fleur’s build looks like a mess to me. Don’t think they will win it.

Time is up!

Let’s check out the final builds.

Wouldn’t it have been great if Chris Hemsworth was around to be a guest judge?

Gus and David


I love the Red Skull mech and it’s got a good sense of motion, particularly the way they’ve done the motion of the shield flowing. My only concern is that it’s not super helicarrier-ish. Brickman doesn’t like the posing of the quinjet. I can kind of see his point. Don’t think they’ll win.

Gabby and Ryan


The Asgard build looks great and the forced perspective ended up looking great too. The only thing that lets it down is that the ice demon isn’t amazing. Yes there is motion but overall it’s not amazing.

Michael and Harrison


I like the concept. It really needed the panther temple to draw your attention. Unfortunately Thanos gets a bit lost in the scene. This won’t win.

Sarah and Fleur


I don’t like this. It’s a very basic ‘glass’ tower in a grey box.

Scott and Owen


Now this one I really like. There is a lot of detail in the background but there is also a lot of movement. I really love the execution of the portal, building the spaceship interior on the other side of the portal. They’ve nailed this one.

Now to find out who wins…

The top two teams are Owen and Scott, and David and Gus. I agree with this top two. Scott and Owen take it out! They get the night off tomorrow and straight through to finals week.


2 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 11 Recap

  1. Dave Reply

    Thanks for posting the images, I can see a lot more details than I could on the show.

  2. Scott Reply

    It must be the editors and producers that make it appear that Sarah and Fluer get no criticism. They have some good ideas but just do not have the skills of the other groups to compete. Their grey box tonight was nowhere even close to any of the other builds.
    Also not sure how brickman constantly goes against his own criteria. He picked Gus and David for their amazing mech and three tiles of colour when the rest of the build was void of motion and the quinjet was jarring.
    More poor editing to make such a song and dance about Gabby and Ryans forced perspective and then the praise for them nailing it and how rare and difficult it it, to then not make the final two.
    Not that it mattered anyway, the best build was the Sanctum Sanctorium.

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