LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 12 Recap

Tonight is a very special episode with guest judge Josh Frydenberg. Wait. No, I’ve got the wrong channel.

Our teams arrive to find Hamish and Brickman wearing whiteface. I think this is ok? I’m sure it’s fine.


Fleur is losing her mind at seeing Brickman in costume.

Tonight one team will be going home and we know it’s not Scott and Owen who head out.

Teams are presented with 4 identical greyscale houses. These look awesome.


The challenge is to introduce colour through storytelling. There needs to be a very clear reason why colour is being added. This isn’t as much about technical ability and really about aesthetics and storytelling.

Each house being identical is going to make the end result interesting.

Teams have 12 hours.

Gabby and Ryan settle on the idea of a rainbow paint truck swerving to miss a row of ducks and crashing in to the house. I like the idea. If they can get the paint “spill” effect looking good this could be great.


Sarah and Fleur are turning their house in to a greyscale planter box with flowers growing out of it to introduce colour. I’m not sure this one really fits the brief?

Fleur is still horny for Brickman.

Michael and Harrison are doing Mother Nature introducing colour to the world. A cute idea. Could come down to the quality of their mother nature character.

They pitch Paul Rudd meets Beyoncé for their character.

Gus and David are stumped. They really struggle with storytelling heavy concepts. They eventually settle on a giant hand painting the house. Not the best take on the brief and Brickman isn’t a fan. It’s a bit too literal.


They rethink their build and decide to go with a unicorn stampede. They did a great Pegasus so they could pull this off.

Hamish and Brickman are back in colour. But poor Jordie arrives in the greyscale getup. It’s a fun bit.

Hamish loves the idea of Sarah and Fleur’s planter box. I’m not surprised but I’m not sure I get it.

Brickman stops by to chat with Michael and Harrison. Brickman hates their mother nature. He’s very good at crushing people’s spirits.

Gabby and Ryan are having a heap of fun with their build. They are doing a rainbow geyser. I think their build is the silliest. Which is great.

Fleur is trying to make flowers out of greyscale elements. Not an easy task. Lots of NPU.


Their biggest issue is that there is a lot of blank space still on their build. If they don’t come up with a great way to fill that in they could be the ones going today.

Michael and Harrison are doing some life drawing practice during their build. Trying to work out a face for their mother nature.

Hamish is worried that their isn’t enough drama. He pulls a classic reality TV walk-off. It’s a bit of filler. Harder to fill an episode when there are only 4 teams.

Michael and Harrison have a face that looks great for mother nature. They get to work on a dress for her and it’s looking very flowy.

Brickman stops by to say that Gus and David’s build has issues. A bit too busy.

Sarah and Fleur get their watering can up. I think they may still have a bit too much blank space.

I think Gabby and Ryan might take this one out today. Their build is just so fun.

Sarah and Fleur definitely don’t have enough out the front of their build. I still don’t think it fit the brief that well.

I like Michael and Harrison’s build, but I feel like Brickman is going to complain about it being too green.


Gus and David have tweaked their build to make the streaks of colour distinct to each coloured unicorn. It’s added some fun elements.

Hamish and Brickman argue about ducks as time ticks down to zero.

Let’s check out the final builds…

Sarah and Fleur


The one team that didn’t go with minifigure scale. For me the house as a planter box concept doesn’t really work. Brickman really likes it though. These two will be safe today which means Michael and Harrison are going home.

Michael and Harrison


Damn it. I like this way more than Sarah and Fleur’s build. They are talking it down themselves but I think the story is better and I honestly like the execution. There are some great techniques and parts usage. Brickman, after a few nice comments, picks it to pieces. He doesn’t like their story. These two are 100% going home.

Gabby and Ryan


This is today’s winning build. Great use of the colour. Great story. Great technical skill. This is fun and beautiful.

Gus and David


Another one that I really like even though they are talking it down. I like the streaks of colour and fun stuff like the red car with a steak of yellow across it. Brickman thinks they’ve actually added too much colour. I can kind of see that. These two are going to end up in the bottom two with Michael and Harrison.

Now for the results…

Gabby and Ryan are the first team safe. No shock here.

The next team safe is Sarah and Fleur. Meh. I really didn’t like this one.

The final team safe today is David and Gus, which means that Michael and Harrison are going home today.

Brickman didn’t like that their story. He was fine with a watering can adding colour but not mother nature adding colour. But what do I know, I’m not the southern hemisphere’s only LEGO Certified Professional.

14 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 12 Recap

  1. Andrew Reply

    Yep, I’m with you, but I’m also not Certified in any way.

    Brickman has barely uttered a critical word about anything Sarah and Fleur have done the whole series. Even when their road sign broke before judging he said it was the best idea of all of the ones presented for a tall build.

    It all seems very contrived this year. I can only assume that this is because this is the outcome the producers wanted. I suppose this how reality TV works.

  2. Dave Reply

    I haven’t heard Brickman talk about ‘the brief’ since the last series, when it seemed to disappear as the critical element for the upside down build.

    I understand it today, four technically excellent builds, with little in it. My only gripe with Sarah and Fleur’s was the colour was coming out of a white watering can!

  3. Monty Reply

    I found Michael and Harrison and Sarah and Fleur’s build on par. The latter pull the contrast off brilliantly, but it really seems like a very basic story, exactly what Brickman critiqued Gus and David on, whereas Michael and Harrison have a better story and less contrast. They are both equal fourth in my eyes, with a very large gap between either of these two and the other three teams.

  4. JP Reply

    Great builds, but I get a sense there is gender quota to manage. Let the best team win.

  5. Shane Johnson Reply

    Sarah and Fluer brought life as well in a much more bland way than the boys, Brickman has a soft spot for those two I think

  6. Scott Reply

    Two teams have a similar idea, but one executes a nice model creation, has excellent parts usage and while they may have too much colour, they showed skill and technical ability. The other team built another white box and built some nice grey plants… Yet another more skilled team who constantly grew and developed their building going home ahead of a team that has stagnated since the snow globe challenge. It’s getting to a point of ridiculousness of how big a gap there is between the other teams and Sarah and Fluer. Surely the producers can’t keep them in any further, unless another team doesn’t complete a build.

  7. Nicole Reply

    Completely agree! I really liked Mother Nature and thought it was a great concept, well executed. I didn’t love Fleur and Sarah’s and felt they deserved some criticism, especially for the white watering can. It could have been red, pink or yellow and added a better pop of colour. Really not understanding some of the decisions this year or at least not understanding the reasoning for the criticism or lack of criticism.

  8. TeufelHund Reply

    I try not to be cynical but with Brickman’s judging this year you can’t help but think the results are not contrived in some way. M&H probably weren’t going to win but they’d at least have a better shot than S&F should have based on skills alone.Maybe bogan mums aren’t buying enough Lego for their kids or something so need a role model?

  9. David Reply

    I can’t believe Sarah and Fleur are still in the competition after that build, smells of a setup.

  10. Ashley Reply

    Looking forward to another box based build from Sarah and Fleur tonight.

  11. Chris Reply

    I can’t stand fluoride + the obvious bias.. and why were there plants on the roof anyway ?! That technic box was a chump build compared to the mother Gaia..

  12. Tim Reply

    The two girls certainly don’t deserve to be in the finals. That said, apart from the white watering can, I thought their build this week deserved to get through (other weeks not so much).
    I agreed with the bottom two this week.

  13. nelson Reply

    The girls are truly out of their depth from this point, however I think that their build deserved to go through. They created the most vibrant contrast between B&W and colours, it did look the part even if it lacked technically.

    Gus and David put too much colour in. They really missed an opportunity there, having B&W between all the unicorns would have made this build stand out a lot more. For the Mother Nature figure wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, her face is all wrong and her figure not much better. They did show some good technical ability but for me this is last. Well done Gabby and Ryan, they are killing it. There is a clear top three this year.

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