Official details of 10292 FRIENDS Apartments

Today LEGO has officially revealed the details of the unexpected follow up to the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set.

Introducing 10292 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments


There have been rumours floating around for a while that Monica’s apartment would get a set but I don’t think anybody expected to get both apartments in a single set!

The set contains 2048 pieces and includes 7 minifigures including Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Janice.


Australian price is $259.99 and it is released May 19th for VIPs. General release is June 1st.

There are so many details to this one you really need to check out all the images below.

Image Gallery

Press Release


11th May 2021: Today, the LEGO® Group announces the new LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments Set – which allows fans of the iconic Warner Bros. TV series the chance to recreate their favourite scenes. The 2,048-piece set, features both Monica and Rachel’s, and Chandler and Joey’s New York apartments, plus the adjoining hallway.

Following the hugely popular LEGO Ideas Central Perk set, which was released in 2019, the LEGO Friends Apartments set is complete with iconic features and props, such as the classic moment when Monica put the Thanksgiving turkey on her head, the one where Joey and Chandler only had a canoe as furniture and when Phoebe’s dollhouse went up in flames.

Other accessories from the show include the Poking Device; Gladys, Phoebe’s creepy art piece; the cheesecake that falls on the floor; Pat the Dog; the chick and duck, and many more. The set also gives fans the real sense of the original filming studio with set lights and allows you to display both apartments either separately or linked together with the hallway.

Additional features of the set include; new minifigures of the whole gang, in some of their most memorable outfits; Rachel’s iconic plaid skirt; Ross’ too tight leather pants; Monica in an apron; Phoebe in a classic floral look; Chandler in a suit and loud designer tie; and Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes. And for the first time ever, Janice will also feature as a minifigure in a classic over-the-top gaudy outfit.

Anderson Ward Grubb, LEGO Set Designer commented “Following the success of the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set, we wanted to develop another tribute to this iconic TV show with a focus on the famous apartments. We worked directly from production photos of the set as well as watching and re-watching a lot of episodes so we could capture as many iconic moments as possible. One fun challenge was figuring out how to represent some aspects that change over the course of the show that appear in some episodes and not in others. I am looking forward to seeing if the eagle-eyed fans will spot them.”

8 thoughts on “Official details of 10292 FRIENDS Apartments

  1. Rod Reply

    Seems like a great set, but I’m going to nit-pick here. Again with the black packaging? It looks horrible. The box for the Central Perk Ideas set looks so much more vibrant and enticing. This one looks like something a Year 9 student could have mocked up in an IT lesson.

    • sterow Reply

      Agree – the fact that the set is so wide relative to its height means it looks particularly ridiculous.

      The whole 18+ thing drives me crazy – I am surprised a toy company would muddy the line between an age advisory and the branding of a sub-theme the way lego has.

  2. Douglas Reply

    I normally don’t get involved in criticising LEGO for the prices. But this set makes no sense.

    Central Perk….1042 parts, 7 minifigures. $89.
    Apartments……2048 parts, 7 minifigures. $259

    3 times the price for twice the amount of parts. Go figure.

      • Douglas Reply

        Hi Michael,

        Absolutely that is true. In this case though, each of those apartments looks around the size of Central Perk. So say 2 times Central Perk plus the a little more.

        I am not actually saying this is overpriced. I actually believe that the Central Perk set was well under priced. I have seen it on sale for $75 which is ridiculous for what it is in it..

        If they were $110 and $240 respectively it would make sense.

        Just my opinion.


    • Jijin Reply

      I don’t know how the math works for licensed sets, no doubt it’s very skewed. Plus, black box – prestige pricing :\
      Perhaps owner NBC Universal has decided it wants to charge more for the license, and with a reunion special coming up, it would appear the show is enjoying increased popularity.

  3. sterow Reply

    Unrelated but I’m wondering Michael if you have any word from your lego sources about the 1966 batmobile set?

    It is nominally available on SaH but has been permanently sold out and neither the Highpoint nor Chadstone lego store staff could advise if it was likely to come in.

    Is Australia actually likely to see nay real quantities of this set?

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