LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 13 Recap

It’s time for the penultimate episode. Today we find out the three teams that will be competing in tomorrow night’s Grand Finale.

Our top 4 teams arrive and immediately spot a giant tree. It’s a very impressive tree.


Hamish reminds us that today is an elimination build.

Today’s build is called “Out on a limb”. Each team will get one limb from the tree and they’ve got free rein to build something that fits in on a tree.

The branches allow for the teams to build in any direction. This could lead to some interesting builds.

Teams will have 10 hours for this build.

There is a mad scramble for picking a branch. I am not sure how much position will play in to this one.

Sarah and Fleur are first to really settle on their idea. They are doing a queen bee sitting on a throne bossing around some worker bees. This could be a great idea if they pull of some amazing character builds.


Ryan is pulling out a tape measure. Things are getting very serious.

Scott and Owen are building and elvish village. I initially thought they said Elvis village but elves makes more sense. They are adding spiders attacking the village.


They are adding their own branch to the existing limb. Big risk with this idea as there is no technic connection points on the existing branch.

Gus and David are working to their strengths and are doing a large scale tiger sitting in the tree. This will come down to how well they execute the idea as there is no story to this.

Gabby and Ryan are having fun with their idea of a tyre swing. I think this is a really great idea. Gabby and Ryan have a good mix of technical skill and strong character builds. This could be a winner.


They are aiming to have the character swinging user power functions.

Owen is still having issues with the strength of their additional branch. They decide to take it over and test. Brickman calls them insane.

Their build is creaking. It’s totally going to fail at some point.

They take their build back to the desk and start working on story.

Gus is trying to find the right expression for their tiger build. This is critical.

Fleur and Sarah are progressing with their queen bee, now named Barb.

Ryan has chewed up half their time working on the mechanism for their swinging girl. They do a test run and the motion is barely noticeable. That is going to need some work.

They decide to spend some time focusing on the build of the girl itself. This makes sense. The character is more important than the motion I think.

Gus and David’s tiger is looking awesome. They are going with a crossed paws pose. Which means a lot of articulation.

Hamish is going undercover with a camera rig so he can sneak up on the contestants.

Scott and Owen have built ant mounts to take on their spider villains. They are also adding spiders under their branch.

Fleur has built some very depressed looking bees. I feel bad for those poor bees.

Brickman points out that their build is all in a line and less ‘dynamic’ than the other builds in the room.

Gabby and Ryan have added a butterfly to distract their girl from swinging too fast. They also Power Function her legs to add to the swing.

The Queen Bee is looking good. They add a rebel bee who is a bit punk rock and jumping off the tree. It does make their build more dynamic.

Gabby and Ryan have attached the torse and head to their little girl. They test the mechanism and she is immediately decapitated.

Sarah and Fleur knock their rebel bee off with 5 minutes to go. Hopefully it didn’t break too badly.

Time’s up. Let’s check out the final builds…

We get a look at the completed team and just from first impressions I think Sarah and Fleur are going home tonight.


No, wait. There’s more. I was wondering how I’d got through this recap so quickly.

Hamish and Brickman walk over to the tree and reveal hidden compartments. Teams now have to build something underground that relates to their original build.


This is going to be tough for everybody except maybe Owen and Scott. They lucked out by doing a minifigure scale build.

Teams will be able to modify what they have already built on the branch if they so desire.

Teams have 5 hours for this extra build.

Scott and Owen get to work on building an evil lair for their spiders. The Spider King’s lair. I knew this would be a pretty easy one for them.

They are debating having a portal for their elves.

Sarah and Fleur are adding a bees locker room. This is a really fun take on the idea of a hive. I like it. It’s going to have a little elevator.


Gus and David are struggling with the idea of the extra build. With a little nudge from Brickman they decide to add a meerkat burrow. I don’t know if tigers and meerkats live in the same areas? I googled it. They don’t. Could this be the biggest controversy of LEGO Masters 2021? Compare the Market is a sponsor so I’m sure this will be fine.


Gabby and Ryan are doing a time capsule. This is a really clever idea that ties well to their little girl on the swing. Should be a simple build but it’s a very clear idea.

Gus does a check that Gabby can recognise what he’s trying to build. She gets that it’s a meerkat. A rare Asian meerkat.

Scott and Owen are still debating the portal. Brickman likes the portal idea so they are going to do the portal.

Sarah and Fleur have a clear idea for their bee locker room. They are adding an elevator to their existing build to really tie it together.

Gus and David’s lost meerkats are looking great.

Sarah and Fleur attach their elevator to the underside of their branch. It is a good idea but I think the execution is a bit lacking. It looks like a box stuck to the underside of a branch.

Now let’s actually check out the final builds.

Hamish fakes out a second twist. But they are actually done and the tree looks amazing. At this stage I still think it will be Sarah and Fleur going home.

David and Gus



The tiger is absolutely stunning. The choice of pose is really great with the crossed paws. I know the meerkats don’t make sense geographically but they really work. They feel real. Brickman says the poses are off but it’s only minor. These two will be back tomorrow.

Sarah and Fleur



I don’t think this is as polished as the other builds today in terms of technical execution. It’s a great story but the bees are a very boxy. Brickman says they should have done something a bit different in the bottom part. Brickman praises their improved skills in use of technic.

Scott and Owen



They were the only team to do a minifigure scale build and I think it’s a great idea and great execution. I think they had the easiest time with the twist. The way the two builds tie together is perfect.

Brickman is really impressed with their use of colour up top but the bottom part is a bit busy.

Absolutely safe today.

Gabby and Ryan



This is such a cute idea and I really love the way it turned out. It’s just a lovely scene. The use of the time capsule for the underground build was super cute.

These two are safe as well. It definitely looks like Sarah and Fleur are heading home today.

Now for the results…

Gus and David are the first team through to the final. Tip for any Season 4 team – Brickman loves a good animal.

Scott and Owen are the second team through to the final.

They try and build up the suspense but I think it’s pretty clear who is going home tonight.

We say goodbye to Sarah and Fleur.


Sarah and Fleur have copped a lot of criticism during the run of the show but as always it is about the builds and the judging from Brickman.

9 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 13 Recap

  1. Claire Wheeler Reply

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who questioned tigers and meerkats somehow being on the same continent!!

  2. Zer0G Reply

    Sarah and Fleur were no where near as good as the others…. all they could do was make boxy characters….. this isn’t LEGO boxy character masters …….. they were there too long

  3. Nicole Reply

    When they decided on meerkats I was yelling at the TV “they’re on completely different continents!!!!” So glad I wasn’t the only one who picked it up. Bit annoyed Brickman didn’t mention it though.

    • Dave Reply

      I’d make a guess as soon as the production crew picked up that David and Gus were going to build a corpse they were in Brickman’s ear “Tell them to build the first cute thing that comes into your head”

  4. Scott Reply

    My wife got irritated at me because I too was hung up on the tigers and meerkats geographic differences…

    But both the tigers and meerkats were exceptional. All the builds had something positive, whether they were technical marvels or told interesting stories. The best three teams certainly made it through. Sarah and Fluer had some fantastic ideas but their block boxes wore out their stay. They certainly improved but for brickman to say they are the most improved ever was a bit over the top.

    Can’t wait for the finale, all the teams will be building some very different builds, David and Gus will go a big character/animal, Scott and Owen something minifig scale and I just don’t know with Gabby and Ryan, but I know it’ll be an excellent build.

  5. Mark Reply

    Must admit I didn’t pick up on the geographical controversy at the time, but it doesn’t really matter I guess.

    G&R’s build second build didn’t get a lot of airtime and from a distance it met the connection brief but not a standout build. Having seen the photo here up close its much better. The off-brick angle technique and small builds look very good.

    S&F had the best stories and ideas, and there techniques had improved over the series, but so did everyone else so it rather competitive. Kudos for them to go so far into the series. I think if their character builds had progressed past a less obvious blockiness they would of made it to the finale.

    All three finalists should do great builds in the penultimate episode. Shame we have wait another year for a series though. Time for a kids or celebrity mini edition to fill the void perhaps?

    • Andrew Reply

      Yeah, I watched the first UK series of LM which was predominantly child contestants. It’s a completely different dynamic, their imaginations are just amazing. Would be worth trying here. They also had a series where they paired each child with a celebrity which was also entertaining – a good illustration of how closed we become as adults ;).

  6. Chris Reply

    Fascinating to read the comments over the weeks and see everyone whining and moaning about production interference (thinly veiled sexism), but when Brickman BLATANTLY feeds Gus and David their idea as they were floundering completely (and the show, heroically, does nothing to hide the intereference), no one bats an eyelash. No doubt they are a skilled and deserved team to progress, but the wolf-criers of production meddling are suspiciously quiet…

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