LEGO Masters Season 3 – Grand Finale Recap

It’s grand finale night. After 13 episodes of intense LEGO building we will tonight find out who gets to lift the LEGO Masters trophy for 2021.

Before we begin we get a recap of the journey so far. I watched all the episodes, I don’t need to see this bit.

The brick pit is clean and ready to go. The trophy is there for the taking. Let’s go!

Our teams arrive and they all look incredibly excited.


Gabby points out that she is the first woman to appear in a LEGO Masters final.

Gabby and Ryan are the only team to have built in every challenge.

There is a lot of fun banter between the teams. Brickman says some of his decisions have been incredibly hard.

The final build is completely open. No rules about what to build at all.


The results will be decided by 250 people with one vote each. Brickman has the Golden Brick which is worth 100 votes.

Teams have 28 hours for their build.

Scott and Owen get to work on an idea. These two really are the odd couple of LEGO Masters 2021. There has been a lot of disagreements. Also a lot of Scotty-smashes.

They are using tubs to set out the landscaping of their build. They are doing engineers vs hippies. With a wizard on a mountain. Going with minifigure scale could be an interesting choice. A way to add a lot of eye catching story elements.

Gabby and Ryan reminisce about their time with the brick of doom. These two have really worked well together this season and had a lot of fun.

They decide to do a circus build. They are going to have a spinning stages with a lot of scenes. They are using a circle of train track to have their stage spinning.


David and Gus reflect on their time on the show. They have had some really well deserved wins along the way to the final.

They are shockingly going with an animal build. They are doing a family of deer about to be attacked by wolves. They are forgoing any Power Functions today. This is all about a snapshot in time. This could be an impressive build.


We get a quick Brickman chat. He thinks Gabby and Ryan’s idea could be really funny but says the mechanism is critical.

Brickman is impressed by how well Scott and Owen are working together. His concern is their story attracting people.

Brickman thinks the posing is critical for Gus and David’s build.

Ryan’s mechanism is really strong. Should spin the build really well. Brickman stops by and questions why they aren’t doing the big top. He’s right. A circus needs to have the big top.


Ryan gets to work on a technic frame for their tent. Weight is going to be an issue once they start adding in plates.

I think Scott and Owen might have gone to big with their giant bulldozer. I think it dominates the build a bit too much and the story may get lost.

Gus and David’s deer are looking stunning. These guys do good animal builds and Brickman does seem to love animals. They could be getting his 100 votes.


Scott is doing some method acting to work on poses for his tree creatures. Owen has got their spinning cyclone of energy working. Brickman stops by to tell them that he can’t understand their story clearly. They step back and think about how they can improve their build.

Scott and Owen are still sitting and looking at their build. Eventually they decide to have their wizard hitting the bulldozer with a big blast of enegry. Could help.

Gabby and Ryan’s build is minifigure scale? I thought they had big brickbuilt characters.

Hamish wheels out a big TV and all the contestants get a chance to say hello to their families. Lots of cute kids. Not quite the same as having them in-studio but I assume this was because of COVID.

Gus and David have all of their animals done. Gus isn’t happy with the legs so he is tweaking them with 4 hours to go.

Gabby and Ryan’s build is looking great but they do a test and one of their trapeze artists goes flying off in to the distance.


This is why you test early.

It looks like part of build is hitting the roof. The culprit seems to be the support for the circus sign. In an attempt to remove it they appear to be breaking it more.

One hour to go and I think anybody could take this out.

Owen hits hyperspeed trying to get a big tree built.

Gus and David’s build is looking very complete. They just have to finish off the big trees and do a bit of set dressing.


Ryan is concerned that they won’t get their build finished.

Owen has got the Power Functions on their helicopter working. I am still worried their build is a bit cluttered.

Time is ticking away and Ryan has to wait until a certain segment of their build comes around. He gets it literally in the last second.

At this point I am picking a Gus and David win.
Here’s what Brickman thinks of the builds…


Gabby and Ryan


Brickman is a big fan of the concept and so am I. I love a good minifigure scale build packed with details. The other advantage of the 4 scenes is that it will get people standing at their build for a long time picking out details. This could win them votes.

Brickman points out the technical issue of the roof of the big top. I don’t think this is a deal-breaker.

Gus and David


This is a beautiful build. It is absolutely stunning. I want this on display in my home. All of the animals are really well executed and the overall scene really feels like it’s about to come alive.

The only issue in terms of judging could be that people don’t stick around as long and pick out details.

Brickman points out there is a little bit of tree missing. Also probably not a deal-breaker.

Scott and Owen


Lots of light and motion in this one. Another minifigure scale build with a lot of details to discover. Their worldbuilding is the most unique of today’s three builds. It uses imagination more than the other two I think.

In terms of criticism is might be a little cluttered. I agree with Brickman that the helicopter was unnecessary.

Now it’s time for the public to come and check it out.

Not sure how they did this during COVID.

They always have edit in a fairly even split of people praising the builds so this doesn’t really give anything away.

After Brickman secretly uses his 100 votes our teams arrive again and everything is exploding. WHAT DID YOU DO JORDIE?!

All of our teams have had a great journey to this moment and I think any of them could take this out today.

Hamish has the envelope…

In third place is Gabby and Ryan!


And the winner is… David and Gus! Fantastic result and a well deserved winner. I think these guys probably got Brickman’s 100 votes.


Unfortunately this means Scott and Owen come second.

If you are applying for LEGO Masters Season 4 PRACTICE YOUR ANIMALS.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the recaps for LEGO Masters Season 3. If you are new to Bricking Around because of them, please stick around for more great LEGO content including a MASSIVE competition launching soon.

13 thoughts on “LEGO Masters Season 3 – Grand Finale Recap

  1. Andrew Reply

    A worthy winner. Unfortunately the circus was always going to struggle as soon as Brickman wanted a tent. It took too much of their time.

    Thanks Michael for all the recaps, phots and details – much appreciated on those nights when I just couldn’t face sitting through all that advertising.

  2. Dave Reply

    I love a minifigure scale story, but that was real art wasn’t it?

    • Michael Post authorReply

      Gus needs to get a deer up on LEGO Ideas ASAP.

      • Andrew Reply

        I see what you did there 😉

        Yeah I’d love to see a few builds from each series make it as sets. I’ve said before I think that should be part of the prize. I’d buy a deer, a flying machine and Strum King would be going straight to the pool room (with the boom box…)

  3. Scott Reply

    All so different builds and all were different and engaging in their own way, but the winners were in a league of their own this week. Tough idea but they executed it brilliantly.

    Thank you for all the recaps over the last month, now to wait another year for the only show worth watching on free to air!

    • Andrew Reply

      Lego Masters US series 2 starts 1 June (on Foxtel here I think). I would have cringed thinking about what US television might have done to the concept, but last year’s was surprisingly well done. Stuck very close to format, Will Arnett was good as the host, and they had two Lego royals, Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett, judging.

      The judges didn’t inject the kind of emotion that Brickman does, but just the fact there are two means a more varied range of builds get votes. The US version also has far more diversity in the contestants which creates an interesting mix of styles.

      They’re starting with 12 teams this year so I suspect we won’t have all the nonsense of non-eliminations.

      • Scott Reply

        I did enjoy the US season 1, Arnett was also a very “Hamish” host, which made it align even closer than I’d have thought to the local version.
        I hope the US season 2 stays true to the format, rather than go bigger is better and move more into the lego as an artform (they had some spectacular art builds in season 1) rather than lego as a storytelling medium.

        I hope to see some turn around in lego masters season 4, back towards more minifg scale builds rather than larger characters dominating.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Oops, sorry to hog the comments but I thought Brickman crying over plastic bricks at the end was TV gold. Made me want to go and hug mine – I think he expressed what we all feel as fans, no matter how irrational that might be.

  5. Rod Reply

    Some amazing builds this season (Strum King, just wow!). For me, though, Season 2 stands out as the more satisfying. There was a certain predictability in Season 3 that made it a lesser experience in my opinion. Whether that was some teams consistently relying on their ‘one wood’, the creeping orthodoxy that bigger is better or indeed the foreshadowing of results achieved through annoying editing and promotions, I just didn’t enjoy it as much. The challenges were fantastic, but there wasn’t as much versatility on show amongst the competitors. Plus I’m biased. I love mini-fig scale, fun and playability.

  6. Sam Reply

    Worthy winner on the day, but my preference would be Scott and Owen based on the whole season.
    However, it is Brickman’s show, and he loves the animals. It was an easy guess as to who would win once they got to the final build.

  7. leighayn Reply

    Thanks for all the great recaps! I enjoyed reading them as much as I did watching the show!

  8. Monty Reply

    The winners have a beautiful, beautiful build – an AFOL build. However, I kind of like the quirkiness of Scott and Owen more. All three were great.

  9. steve Reply

    It is all about who gets the golden brick, Stupid idea, thgey should get one vote like everybody else.

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