LEGO VIP Coin now available

Get in quick as the last LEGO VIP collectible coin is now not available.

This won’t didn’t last long.

Redeem yours here.

Edit: This lasted about 30 seconds.

7 thoughts on “LEGO VIP Coin now available

  1. Andrew Reply

    At least the rest of us could console ourselves by completing the Lego VIP survey. Surely they know by now what the fans think?

  2. StarBoy Reply

    Damn, this is the only coin I missed! Would have been perfect to be able to redeem it with the Daily Bugle… I suppose I can take solace in LEGO having already announced that they’ll be reissuing the coins in the future, so I’ll hopefully be able to get one then. Fingers crossed the next time they’re available, they have larger stocks!

  3. Michael K Reply

    I am keen to know more details about these. It’d be great if they had actual gold or silver in them.

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