LEGO announces LEGO CON – An online experience for LEGO fans everywhere!

The other day LEGO teased a something big happening on June 26th, and there were some pretty wild guesses from lighting kits to a new Stranger Things set. Well today I can reveal that the tease was for LEGO CON. What is LEGO CON I hear you ask. Well it’s a 90 minute online “experience”.

The event promises to have live entertainment, world-first reveals, behind-the-scenes access and never-tried-before build attempts.

The event will take place live from LEGO House but us Australians may want to wait and watch it back later. The event kicks of at 2am AEST on June 27th here in Australia. That’s an early morning for some LEGO reveals.

With global travel still a bit of a pipe dream it’s great that LEGO is trying something cool online but I don’t think this is going to be an event primarily aimed at AFOLs.

You can find out more about the event on the LEGO CON 2021 landing page.

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