Big W Toy Sale 2021 – All the LEGO Deals

It’s that time of the year again where we find out what Big W is offering up in their annual toy sale.

The catalogue was mailed out to Big W email subscribers tonight and I’ve compiled a list of all the sets so you can see what is a great deal and what is just average.

The Big W 2021 toy sale starts June 15th online, and June 17th in-store. It will run until July 14th.

If you want to check out the catalogue for yourself you can find it here. My breakdown of everything on sale is below.

 SetSet NameThemeSale PriceRRPDiscount
60307Wildlife Rescue CampCity$109.00$159.9932%
60302Wildlife Rescue OperationCity$109.00$159.9932%
60301Wildlife Rescue Off-RoaderCity$47.00$69.9933%
60291Family HouseCity$47.00$79.9941%
60292Town CenterCity$95.00$159.9941%
60306Shopping StreetCity$76.00$119.9937%
11011Bricks and AnimalsClassic$79.00$99.9921%
10934Creative animalsDuplo$69.00$89.9923%
10942Minnie's House and CaféDisney$63.00$79.9921%
10948Parking Garage and Car WashDuplo$109.00$169.9936%
42125Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”Technic$205.00$299.9932%
42083Bugatti ChironTechnic$375.00$599.9937%
42120Rescue HovercraftTechnic$29.00$49.9942%
42121Heavy-Duty ExcavatorTechnic$44.00$69.9937%
42119Monster Jam® Max-D®Technic$23.00$32.9930%
42118Monster Jam® Grave Digger®Technic$23.00$32.9930%
42122Jeep® WranglerTechnic$63.00$89.9930%
42123McLaren Senna GTR™Technic$63.00$89.9930%
76394Fawkes, Dumbledore’s PhoenixHarry Potter$55.00$69.9921%
76387Hogwarts™: Fluffy EncounterHarry Potter$55.00$69.9921%
76393Harry Potter & Hermione Granger™Harry Potter$159.00$199.9920%
76389Hogwarts™ Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter$179.00$229.9922%
76392Hogwarts™ Wizard’s ChessHarry Potter$85.00$109.9923%
76388Hogsmeade™ Village VisitHarry Potter$109.00$139.9922%
31122Fish TankCreator$35.00$44.9922%
31120Medieval CastleCreator$119.00$159.9926%
31119Ferris WheelCreator$99.00$149.9934%
31117Space Shuttle AdventureCreator$55.00$79.9931%
71360Adventures with Mario Starter CourseSuper Mario$60.00$89.9933%
71383Wiggler’s Poison Swamp Expansion SetSuper Mario$39.00$59.9935%
71380Master Your Adventure Maker SetSuper Mario$63.00$89.9930%
75300Imperial TIE Fighter™Star Wars$52.00$69.9926%
75301Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter™Star Wars$60.00$79.9925%
75299Trouble on Tatooine™Star Wars$29.00$44.9936%
75302Imperial Shuttle™Star Wars$92.00$129.9929%
76175Attack on the Spider LairMarvel Super Heroes$87.00$129.9933%
76174Spider-Man's Monster Truck vs. MysterioMarvel Super Heroes$55.00$79.9931%
76169Thor Mech ArmourMarvel Super Heroes$13.00$19.9935%
76171Miles Morales Mech ArmourMarvel Super Heroes$13.00$19.9935%
76180Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ ChaseDC Comics$39.00$49.9922%
41441Horse Training and TrailerFriends$29.00$49.9942%
41679Forest HouseFriends$29.00$49.9942%
41683Forest Horseback Riding CenterFriends$79.00$119.9934%
41684Heartlake City Grand HotelFriends$119.00$169.9930%
41687Magical Funfair StallsFriends$29.00$49.9942%
41688Magical CaravanFriends$47.00$69.9933%
41689Magical Ferris Wheel and SlideFriends$63.00$89.9930%
41685Magical Funfair Roller CoasterFriends$103.00$159.9936%
41258Vibe City ConcertTrolls$79.00$99.9921%
41254Volcano Rock City ConcertTrolls$43.00$54.9922%
41252Poppy's Hot Air Balloon AdventureTrolls$43.00$54.9922%
41255Pop Village CelebrationTrolls$63.00$79.9921%
43109Metal Dragon BeatBoxVidiyo$15.00$25.9942%
43102Candy Mermaid BeatBoxVidiyo$15.00$25.9942%
43115The BoomboxVidiyo$119.00$139.9915%
43111Candy Castle StageVidiyo$36.00$39.9910%
43112Robo HipHop CarVidiyo$36.00$39.9910%
43113K-Pawp ConcertVidiyo$63.00$79.9921%
43114Punk Pirate ShipVidiyo$79.00$119.9934%
43191Ariel's Celebration BoatDisney$29.00$44.9936%
43184Raya and Sisu DragonDisney$29.00$44.9936%
43192Cinderella’s Royal CarriageDisney$39.00$59.9935%
41924Secret HolderDOTS$20.00$29.9933%
41925Secret BoxesDOTS$20.00$29.9933%
41926Creative Party KitDOTS$28.00$39.9930%
21165The Bee FarmMinecraft$22.00$32.9933%
21166The "Abandoned" MineMinecraft$22.00$32.9933%
21167The Trading PostMinecraft$22.00$32.9933%
21168The Warped ForestMinecraft$39.00$59.9935%
21170The Pig HouseMinecraft$55.00$79.9931%
21169The First AdventureMinecraft$79.00$99.9921%
75547Minion Pilot in TrainingMinions$29.00$44.9936%
75550Minions Kung Fu BattleMinions$39.00$59.9935%
75551Brick-built Minions and their LairMinions$55.00$69.9921%
75940Gallimimus and Pteranodon BreakoutJurassic World$69.00$89.9923%
75941Indominus Rex vs. AnkylosaurusJurassic World$119.00$149.9921%
75942Velociraptor: Biplane Rescue Mission​Jurassic World$29.00$39.9927%
761391989 Batmobile™DC Comics$319.00$399.9920%
42100Liebherr R 9800 ExcavatorTechnic$599.00$749.9920%
31201Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ CrestsHarry Potter$99.00$179.9945%
31202Disney's Mickey MouseDisney$99.00$179.9945%
31197Andy Warhol's Marilyn MonroeArt$79.00$179.9956%
21043San FranciscoArchitecture$63.00$79.9921%
10289Bird of ParadiseCreator Expert$135.00$169.9921%
10281Bonsai TreeCreator Expert$69.00$89.9923%
43181Raya and the Heart PalaceDisney$79.00$119.9934%

6 thoughts on “Big W Toy Sale 2021 – All the LEGO Deals

  1. Stephen Reply

    They also said that the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets sets regular price is $299 after the promotion. Hopefully that’s just a typo.

    • GrandEmperorBinks Reply

      i dont think it is… the leaks ive heard (and basically had confirmed) on discord all say that price.

      • Jonathan Wilson Reply

        If Big W really are going to charge $299 for a set that can be had all day long for $229 (or even less) from other retailers then they are stupid (as is anyone who actually buys it at that price…)

        • Jonathan Wilson Reply

          Big W website lists $229.00 (so RRP) as the “price after promotion” so clearly the $299 in the catalog is wrong.

  2. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    The pricing on the City Wildlife sets is really good (especially on the one with the white lion that is a Big W exclusive). Doubt you will see those sets cheaper anytime soon. (better even than the K-Mart everyday pricing). I intend to be there at Big W at opening on the Thursday to pick up the entire collection.

    Those overpriced Vidiyo sets on the other hand (like that giant boom box), I guarantee you will be able to get at least 20% off RRP if not more if you are willing to wait a bit so don’t waste your time there.

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