On sale: 25% off at David Jones

David Jones have launched a new offer that might be worth checking out.

From today (June 9th) until Monday June 14th you can get 25% off all full priced LEGO. As always with a David Jones sale you won’t see the discount until items are in your cart.

You can view the David Jones range here.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

10 thoughts on “On sale: 25% off at David Jones

  1. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Good chance to pick up the Crocodile train if that interests you (which is a DJs exclusive and I dont think has been available this cheap previously)
    Also they have listed some of the new sets including the Birds of Paradise, Hogwarts Chess, Vidiyo Boom Box, giant HP figs, Fawkes, Taj Mahal, Hogsmeade and Chamber of Secrets which either aren’t available at Big W or where the 25% off beats the Big W catalog price.

  2. Mark Reply

    New Harry Potter sets are excluded – bummer. I picked up the crocodile last week at 20% off, double bummer!

    • CloneyO Reply

      The Harry Potter seta aren’t actually excluded, DJ just coded them incorrectly when they first added them a couple of days ago it seems. Now the 25% discount applies. Just ordered the Chess set.

      • CloneyO Reply

        And… less than 20 minutes after ordering, I got an update that David Jones can’t fulfill the order. Thanks David Jones.

        • Dane Reply

          What did you order?

          I ordered some sets that were cheaper than the Big W sale. Hoping not to get the same e-mail.

          • CloneyO

            I only ordered the Harry Potter Chess set, which worked out to $81.75 or so. I may try again before the DJ 25% off sale is over, but if they won’t fulfill it I’ll go for the $85 price at Big W once that sale is on.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Sadly they have neither the Piano nor the Lambo. And as others have noted, new sets aren’t discounted.

  4. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    The sale wording does not list any exclusions so unless they have terms-and-conditions somewhere I can’t see that specifically excludes the new sets then they could potentially be held liable for false-and-misleading-advertising (claiming “25% off all full priced lego”, not saying “excludes xyz” but not giving the discount on those items)

    • Andrew Reply

      Just checked. The discount now appears to be applied to all sets, even the new ones.

  5. Dane Reply

    All the new Harry Potter sets must be sold out. They’re no longer listed!

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