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There is a temptation as an AFOL to only really focus on the big flashy stuff, the stuff with 18+ listed on the box or a really high part count. But what if I told you that a $20 set could still provide a compelling experience? What if I told you there were two $20 sets worthy of an AFOL?


The two sets that I am looking at today are 40468 Tuk Tuk and 40469 New York Taxi.

40469 Tuk Tuk

First lets take a look at 40468 Tuk Tuk. This little thing is unmistakable in what it is and what real world thing it is trying to replicate.


It is only 155 parts but each one seems to have been purposefully selected with intent by the designer. Nothing here is unnecessary filler.

What I really love about the Tuk Tuk is the use of colour. There is a lot of it. It’s vibrant and downright pretty.


You might think green, yellow, blue and purple together might make it a bit of an ugly mess but you’d be wrong.

In terms of the build, I am going to be realistic and say that you are going to be able to knock this one out in a pretty quick session. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We’re all busy and sometimes you want something that you can finish quickly and enjoy. While quick I found the build enjoyable.


40468 Yellow Taxi

Ah New York. The city that never sleeps. Famous for the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and yellow taxi cabs.


This 124 piece sets is a great reproduction of the iconic vehicle.

I really love the sign on the roof. One side features a lady liberty motif while the other side has an ad for pizza.


It’s brick oven pizza. Get it?


Sorry sticker haters this set does feature stickers.

The frosted windows feel very vintage LEGO, in a good way.

This one is also another quick but enjoyable build.

Overall these are two cheap sets that are both packed with character and charm. Perfect for fantasising or reminiscing about a time when we can leave the country. They make great little display pieces too. As an AFOL sometimes you just don’t have the budget for $300 set after $300 set. It’s ok to get the little things too. In fact sometimes the little stuff is awesome.

Unfortunately both sets are currently out of stock. If you are keen on either you can find them here:

These sets were provided to me by LEGO. Opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Build the little things

  1. Andrew Reply

    Good to see some smaller sets reviewed, thank you. I’ve been after the Tuk Tuk since it was first announced but has been perennially out of stock.

    The other feature about some of the smaller sets is they are often the most deeply discounted. I buy quite a few of them at 40% off and as you say they make great little small build sessions.

    We have a family Lego challenge every Christmas and I usually pick one of the small Creator sets as the subject and buy one for everyone – amazon had the Mountain Lion for $12 this week so that looks like being this year’s go to.

  2. Scott Reply

    I would love to build the tuk tuk, been looking every week for it since the beginning of the year to no avail. Like with many Lego sets in Australia, can’t buy what the refuse to stock.

  3. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    I have seen both of these sets in stock at the various LEGO stores in QLD on a reasonable basis so if you can get to a LEGO store you might be able to obtain one.
    That or (since none of the parts are particularly rare and it has no stickers) download the instructions for the Tuk Tuk from LEGO and buy the parts from somewhere.

    • Andrew Reply

      Good point re parts, thank you. Still waiting for the Canberra store to open. Can’t be far away :).

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