Amazon Prime Day is June 21 and 22

Amazon doesn’t have a lot of regular sales like the other retailers but there are a few times where they do make a big deal about discounting stuff. One of those sales is Amazon Prime Day which this year is 2 days.

That’s right from 12:00:01 AM June 21st until 11:59:59 PM on June 22 you will be able to find a range of offers.

If you are new to Amazon sales the LEGO deals will usually roll throughout the day with different themes discounted at different times. Also themes are weirdly bundled like “20% off Friends and Technic”.

If you can, regularly check the Amazon Prime Day page throughout the day or better yet keep checking the Bricking Around Amazon deals page (which updates hourly).
Update: The Amazon deals page doesn’t show Prime Day prices because of the way the sale works.

To take advantage of the offer you’ll need to have Amazon Prime but there is a 30 day trial.

Let me know if you get any great deals.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Day is June 21 and 22

  1. Christopher Grigsby Reply

    Hi Michael. Just letting you know your Amazon page shows the regular (still often discounted) Amazon prices, and not the Prime Day prices. I’m not sure if these are available?
    Thanks for the great content/alerts, as always.

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