Latest LEGO Ideas review results – Third 2020 Review

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and I sure hope LEGO is getting a good price on red sharpies..

Of the 25 sets up for review just one has made it through… Motorised Lighthouse.


Here’s what LEGO had to say about the result:

A huge congratulations to Sandro Quattrini (aka Roses Must Build) as his Motorized Lighthouse recreation has been selected as the next LEGO Ideas sets. Sandro’s lighthouse is a timeless beacon that evokes a sense of adventure and mystery. To top it off the LEGO Group has never created one with such incredible details and at such a scale!

Final model, pricing and availability still to be determined.

Meanwhile here’s an overview of all the projects that didn’t make it.


What do you think of the result?

More info can be found on the LEGO Ideas blog.

6 thoughts on “Latest LEGO Ideas review results – Third 2020 Review

  1. Andrew Reply

    Was really hanging out for Wallace and Gromit. These days though with so many projects in each review the chances of your favourite getting through are very slim.

  2. Mark Reply

    Shocked Wallace and Gromit didn’t get the nod. Apparently Lego have already made light houses before, which is disappointing. I thought Ideas was about new inspirations? Congrats to the winner though and to all the designers who made it to the 10K. I know mine has stalled at 1400. It’s a tough gig getting to 10K if you’re not a social media whiz.

    • Andrew Reply

      Yeah there have been lighthouses before but not at this level of intricacy. There was a Hidden Side one and a Friends one a couple of years ago.

      I guess Wallace and Gromit either had licensing issues or was deemed to be not universal enough in interest. It’d be great if somehow this could be part of the bricklink “second chance” program.

  3. Bryce Reply

    I wonder if Ideas has wound up in an untenable position for project approvals? Things that stand out or resonate enough with people to make it it to 10K are either from pop culture (which means there’s licensing challenges associated with it) or beautiful and intricately detailed, which pushes the part count right up. This is not universally true, but just a feeling I get from looking at the submissions over time. Maybe Ideas is meant for exactly that and I’ve missed the point.

    • sterow Reply

      You are definitely right about the trend of size. However Lego have ignored some viable smaller sets, and their redesigns usually seem to push the part count up. If they started picking smaller sets I think more would get suggested, but they are clearly not sending that signal to those doing Ideas pitches.

      This is particularly interesting given it seems they decided parts and price inflation in the Star Wars line had become an issue, essentially “resetting” the scale of most sets downwards by about 25-30% this year. (As an adult I liked the bigger sets but I think that was a really valid decision – they had got to the point where a Lego X-Wing, which I think should be a basic of the line – and which was in the early days – was a really high-end toy… I suppose that’s the answer though – they know it is mostly adults buying Ideas sets and they are more likely to pay for large sets).

  4. Charlotte Reply

    I’m not keen on the Lighthouse, so won’t need to get that set (happy to keep my money for other sets instead!). Nothing in the list really jumped out at me this time.

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