LEGO Certified Stores offering exclusive adult preview event for new PAB parts

The AG LEGO Certified Stores (so not LLDC or Dreamworld) around the country are offering an exclusive adults only event tomorrow night (June 23rd) to celebrate the arrival of new Pick-a-Brick parts. This may not sound exciting enough for a special event for some people, but I know some of you will be very excited by this.


You’ll need to book in to attend this event some time between 6PM and 8PM.

You can find more details and book a spot on the LEGO Certified Stores website.

I’m unable to attend myself but if anybody heads along I’d love to see some pics of what’s new.

9 thoughts on “LEGO Certified Stores offering exclusive adult preview event for new PAB parts

  1. Scott Reply

    Something that I’d love to do and hope all those that go enjoy, but not really an appropriate time or idea in Sydney, considering one of the hotspots was the Bondi Junction Westfield centre…

    • Rose Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. The Bondi store especially, can’t imagine risking 2 weeks iso for PAB parts!

  2. Andrew Reply

    Thought the Canberra store might have opened by now, but haven’t heard an update on this :(.

  3. Wt Reply

    Will be surprised if any interesting parts are left once the event is over. It was already hard to get the parts I would buy from the pick a brick wall. All slots near me are taken. I’ll just have to make do with the left overs.

    • Tim Reply

      I second the request for pictures. It is a 2.5 hour round trip to my nearest (SA) so would be good to see if it is worth a trip.

  4. marto Reply

    I was lucky enough to go to the Brisbane event last night. Ran into a couple of Lego Masters who were great to chat too whilst they did their own pick a bricking. Cade, winner of season 1 and Anthony from Season 3.

    Here’s a pic of most of the new parts.
    Although I believe I missed an 8×8 light bluish grey plate and a windscreen (spaceship style).

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