Double VIP points now live at LEGO Online

The online LEGO store has official kicked off another Double VIP point promotion.

From today (July 12) until July 18 you will receive twice the normal amount of VIP points on all purchases.

You can find more details here [affiliate link]

6 thoughts on “Double VIP points now live at LEGO Online

  1. Plastique Raven Reply

    To be honest I don’t bother with VIP or redeeming points or vouchers or coupons or whatever hoop jumping it is now anymore…even the very few times I buy anything direct from Lego.
    Points, what points? What is the point?

    Preferred the old just redeem a pro rata discount off the total checkout price. It’s current system is not an inducement or incentive anymore and I know many who feel the same.

    Double points (yawn….) whatever.

    Appreciate all your efforts on this site especially regarding sales info though – that is priceless and thank you! 🙂

  2. Colin Steward Reply

    Still waiting for the 2 Harry Potter brickheadz sets from June 1.

  3. Ryan Reply

    Adding item to my card and at checkout still showing the standard VIP points for me. Anyone having the same issue?

  4. Scott Reply

    Still awaiting the tuk tuk and let brickheads to actually be in stock, not paying triple mark up in the aftermarket for them!

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