Reminder: LEGO Ideas Seinfeld VIP release starts July 21st

Here is just a friendly reminder that the VIP release of LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld kicks off on July 21st, which is just a few hours away.


As always I assume that the release will start at midnight but who knows for sure with LEGO.

Are you planning on picking one up? You can grab yours here. [affiliate link]

2 thoughts on “Reminder: LEGO Ideas Seinfeld VIP release starts July 21st

  1. Thaddeus Reply

    I’ve just ordered mine. Going to set it up next to door to Central Perk so they guys can drop in there for coffee instead of Monks.

  2. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Picked mine up from Dreamworld this morning at opening, was first person in line to snag one 🙂

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