New releases and promotions for August

I really hope your tax returns are back because August is going to be an expensive month. Star Wars fans have a heap to be excited about including the highly anticipated Gunship. Then there is the T2 Volkswagen set. Or perhaps LEGO Mario is more your style? You can check out a full list of sets included in this batch below.

There are also some promotions going live this month worth highlighting.

If you are a LEGO VIP you will receive a free fan-driven GWP, the Sailboat Adventure, with any purchase over $279. Non-VIPs will have to wait until August 4th for this, but it won’t last that long.


Also kicking off August 1st is a Marvel promotion. With every LEGO® Marvel theme purchase of $109 you will receive a free gift Marvel Shang-Chi and the Great Protector.


Finally in August LEGO® VIPs will be able to receive Double Points on LEGO® Super Mario™ 71389 Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set & 71390 Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set.

 Set #NamePriceLink
10279Volkswagen T2 Camper Van$269.99View
40480Ginger Tabby$24.99View
40492La Catrina$15.99View
40493Spider & Haunted House Pack$15.99View
40497Halloween Owl$24.99View
41939Bag Tag Dragon$12.99View
41940Bag Tag Unicorn$12.99View
42128Heavy-duty Tow Truck$269.99View
43193Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana's Storybook Adventures$29.99View
43195Belle and Rapunzel's Royal Stables$79.99View
71388Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set$49.99View
71389Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set$59.99View
71390Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set$99.99View
71392Frog Mario Power-Up Pack$12.99View
71393Bee Mario Power-Up Pack$12.99View
71394Character Packs – Series 3$5.99View
75296Darth Vader™ Meditation Chamber$109.99View
75309Republic Gunship™$579.99View
75310Duel on Mandalore™$32.99View
75311Imperial Armored Marauder$59.99View
75312Boba Fett’s Starship™$79.99View
75314The Bad Batch™ Attack Shuttle$149.99View
75315Imperial Light Cruiser™$269.99View
75316Mandalorian Starfighter™$89.99View
75319The Armorer’s Mandalorian™ Forge$44.99View
76194Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man$49.99View
76200Bro Thor’s New Asgard$49.99View
76201Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper$49.99View

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2 thoughts on “New releases and promotions for August

  1. Scott Reply

    The Lego branded stores will sell you the sailboat if you spend over $300. Their online ordering system is terrible. If you are after a larger set, they will not deliver it. They had advertised free shipping for covid affected areas (like the Melbourne discovery Centre does) for a day or two but that is gone now too. They are as bad as the Lego online store!

  2. StarBoy Reply

    The US shop calendar viewable on the LEGO website says that from 16/8 to 5/9, 30389 Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform polybag will be available with LEGO Mario purchases. Any idea if the same promotion will apply here too?

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