Mini Adidas shoe GWP now available

If you have been hanging out for the mini Adidas shoe GWP then you might want to go place a LEGO order right now.


If you spend over $189 this cute little promo is all yours. No set end date just “while stocks last” which won’t be long.

You can find the details of the promotion here [affiliate link].

This promotion is also running at the LEGO Certified Stores, with a qualifying spend of $129.99

3 thoughts on “Mini Adidas shoe GWP now available

  1. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    You can get the GWP at the Dreamworld LEGO store as well apparently.

  2. Mikey G Reply

    Awesome! Just ordered the tree house and looks like the GWP sailboat was added as well!

  3. Scott Reply

    Wasn’t interested in it, but was vaguely hoping to get a gwp of some kind from the certified store site after the botched me around with the sailboat gwp, but all shoes were gone before midday!

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