You can order the Baby Blue Fiat 500 from Zavvi

Have you heard that LEGO is testing out colour swapped versions of some sets? It’s a UK exclusive pilot program and the sets won’t be released here at all. That sucks. BUT WAIT… online retailer Zavvi has the Baby Blue Fiat 500 available for purchase online.

I have never purchased from Zavvi so I don’t know what their shipping times are like but this is literally going to be the only way to get this set without paying a mark-up from somebody that did order from Zavvi. That’s because they are the exclusive retailer of this set.

If you want to order one you can find the product page here. It’ll cost you $139 plus postage.

Bricking Around is a Zavvi affiliate.

8 thoughts on “You can order the Baby Blue Fiat 500 from Zavvi

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    Placed an order for one 2 days ago, I’ll update when they ship it. My only prior experience with them was in 2017, and back then they shipped my order back pretty quickly. But a lot of people on Brickset are saying they can sometimes take ridiculously long times to ship orders.

  2. Scott White Reply

    I’ve used Zavvi numerous times before on Lego and Movies. Postage times can take a while but items always arrived in good condition eventually

  3. David Wengier Reply

    I ordered mine, it said everything was good, but then cancelled and refunded me the purchase price by kept the delivery fee. Absolutely gutted that I didn’t get the item, and got ripped off in the process.

    • Michael Post authorReply

      If they cancelled your order surely they should refund the delivery fee too? I hope you can get that sorted.

  4. Mark Reply

    Same with me David. I know it is not much of a consolation, but at least you’re not alone. I complained and they refunded me the shipping fee too.

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