On sale: Up to 20% off at Big W

Another school holiday sale! This one is from Big W and not quite as good as the Target offer.

From today until some point in the future that I couldn’t find Big W are offering up to 20% off toys. Those two little words really make this seem less appealing don’t they? If you’d like to check out what Big W are offering you can find their online range here.

2 thoughts on “On sale: Up to 20% off at Big W

  1. Chill Reply

    In store I got told it runs until the 29th of this month, so two weeks from the issue of the catalogue. Looking at the LEGO section most stuff had yellow mark down tickets, some didn’t look like they got reduced at all though. Thanks for the heads up.

    New format of the website looks fresh. Any way to have pics of sets in the news story appear on the homepage? Only images on the homepage seem to be for sales info.

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