Mickey & Friends 4+ range reviewed by a 5 year old

LEGO sent me the full line-up of the Disney Mickey & Friends 4+ range to review. I just happen to have a 5 year old son, so I outsourced this review to him. I even got him to bust out his own camera to get some photos (I added in a few pics on my own).

Read on to find out what an actual kid thinks of this range.

10773 Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop

I like the sign because it has numbers and the ice creams.

Minnie looks nice and I love all the parts of Daisy.

I like the seat that tilts up and down and umbrella is beautiful.

I like the crab it has real pinchy bits and it comes with sand.

The ice cream shop has lots of different flavours and it has a cash register bit. It also has beautiful pink flowers.

The car has beautiful flowers too.

This was easy to make. I really like everything. The icecream shop is beautiful.

10776 Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station

“If there is a fire Mickey Mouse will take care of it”

– My son

This doesn’t come with a take it off bit [brick separator].

I like Minnie’s water blaster and the bow on her fire hat.

I also like how Mickey has a squirter.

I like that Goofy’s hat was already on and I like his messy clothes.

I like that we didn’t have to build Pluto and I like that his tail wags.

There are enough sausages for everybody – 3.

I like the fire truck because the ladder can go down and up.

Something weird is that Mickey and Minnie can’t both drive the fire truck

I like that the two towers can actually connect. The garage can go open and shut.

I like how it has an umbrella and I like that it burns the sausages.

I like the break station and it has a siren.

I like the light and binoculars and control panel.

I like the fire pole. I forgot about that.

I don’t like the wheel thing because I’m not sure what it is for.

It’s fun to play with.

10774 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket

I like Mickeys space suit and I like that he has a hole on his head.

Why does it have two seats? [This descended in to argument about there being a next packet]

I like the hotdog.

Spaceship is one of my favourite colours.

It’s easy to open the rocket ship.

Off to space we go! I see the moon, woah. It’s coming on to the moon. Time for landing.

– My son.

I like it how the bit protects the sparkle gem so the alien doesn’t get it.

I like the bit with the picture of the aliens.

I like the bit that spins around and I like the lights.

I don’t like that I had to put both things in the green bit [I don’t remember what this was about?]

I don’t like the round bit because it doesn’t go around it just goes around and around [I don’t remember what this was about either?]

I like it how the metal detector was already built and the end looks like a cookie.

I don’t like that Minnie has a red bow instead of pink.

10772 Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane

I really like the wings because they have Mickey Mouse symbols.

And I really like the spinning bit at the front.

Mickey can sit in the plane.

I like the flag it goes windy wind.

I like Mickey because he has pilot goggles

If you want to put a bow on Mickey he has a hole in his head like Minnie.

10775 Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm

Donald Duck I like his hat and his scraper [pitchfork]. I like that his hat is already connected to his head.

Mickey – I like his lamp. I don’t like that he has a hole in his head but he doesn’t have a bow.

Don’t know what I think of the tractor. I don’t like green. Only pink, purple and blue are my favourites.

White fence with yellow flowers is really good.

The big farm house I don’t like that it doesn’t have enough roof if it rains.

I like the bed but there should be two because there is only one for Donald Duck and nowhere for Mickey to sleep.

I like the bit at the top with the hose [the string element].

I like the bits with the windows painted on it.

It’s weird that the chicken is at the top of the bit with the egg because they can’t fly very well. The chicken is cute and the egg is nice. It was a bit hard to put the egg on.

I like that the bucket has a hole that it can go on the fence. Horses don’t eat corn they eat grass.

I like the wheelbarrow. It was nice and fast to make.

I like the horse. I like the bunny. I like the sheep. I like the chicken. The rabbit is my favourite because it is the cutest.


The ice cream one [Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop] is my favourite because it has the most pink parts.

I think other kids would like these and their parents should buy them for their kids. Or Santa should get them for kids because they are beautiful.

Dad’s notes

I would put the cars at the start of the builds. My son skipped to the part of the builds when there was a car in that section.

He used the minifigures to get pieces for him and turn the pages in the instructions, voicing each character as they moved around. It was super cute.

Instructions show little hands holding the pieces needed for each step. I think it’s a nice idea but my son was more used to the normal box in the top left corner.

Putting some of the large wall sections on the baseplate was a bit tricky.

He got bored with the Firehouse. Said the plane was more fun. Too many big pieces.

For some of the sets we switched to the digital instructions and he really liked that when you finish a section it gives you animated sparkles.

Buying notes

These sets have been flagged as retiring soon at multiple retailers so if you are after these sets I suggest grabbing them before the end of the year.

Here’s where you can buy the sets:

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This article contains affiliate links.

These sets were provided to me by LEGO. Opinions are my own, also my son’s.

4 thoughts on “Mickey & Friends 4+ range reviewed by a 5 year old

  1. Jonathan Wilson Reply

    I am surprised these sets would be retiring so soon, they only just came out…

  2. Chill Reply

    A nice mix of animals in the farm set. I hope they do another run of farm sets under the City theme. Fingers crossed the sheep doesn’t get the same treatment as the goat. Kudos to LEGO for giving so many options with the Disney characters, they aren’t holding back with making new moulds.

    Kid perspective on the sets was refreshing, it’s interesting the things they notice.

  3. Tim Reply

    I love that it is good that Spacesuit Mickey has a hole in his head, but not that Farmer Mickey has a hole.
    On the sets. Not for me but got a flock of sheep from BaP.

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