54 projects didn’t pass the latest LEGO Ideas Review

The latest LEGO Ideas review results are in and as predicted there are a lot of crossed out projects. Of the record breaking 57 projects included in this review 2 have passed and will become official LEGO products. A third is still pending.

Here’s the results video

Read on to find out which projects made it…

The Office

I feel like a variation of a LEGO Office project has been in every review but this one has finally been approved. I recently did a rewatch of the US series of The Office and while I love the show I am not sure I need a LEGO version of it? At the end of the day the set is meant to be a boring typical office. The minifigure line-up is probably what will sell this one.

Jazz Quartet

This is the kind of thing I love to see from LEGO Ideas. Something different that LEGO aren’t doing themselves and not something tied to an established fanbase. This thing got up on the quality of it’s design and I hope the final model doesn’t change too much.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

This is the third set still under review. I don’t know what the story with this one is but I think it will probably get up in the future. Might be issues around the Disney version of the character perhaps.

With so many rejected projects there are going to be some disappointed people out there.

2 thoughts on “54 projects didn’t pass the latest LEGO Ideas Review

  1. Andrew Reply

    What’s with this current fad of producing essentially identical sets for US TV shows? Presumably they sell well. Another easy pass for me. If the Minifigures are so good, why not just release a CMF series?

    I get excited with every Ideas review stage but it’s always disappointing to see so many great sets passed over.

  2. Bryce Reply

    I love the excuse they use for canning the Rammstein kit (stadium tour). It was posted on the Rammstein Facebook page so I think IP may not have been the issue 🙂 It got to 10000 in a week. Feuer Frei!

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