31122 Creator Fish Tank – Shame about the clownfish

Sometime I worry that I am too positive with my reviews. That maybe I should try harder to find fault with sets so that my reporting seems more balanced. And then along comes a clownfish to highlight that no, I don’t need to be more negative for the sake of it, because sometimes there will be actual things that genuinely I hate.

I hate the clownfish in the Creator Fish Tank.

Now in a blatant example of burying the lede I am going to talk about all of the other parts of the set before I get to that damn clownfish.

Firstly let’s discuss the inspiration for this set, which is obviously Finding Nemo. I say that not because of the clownfish but because every fish aligns with one in the film. If I was Disney I’d be asking for royalties on this one.

The Tank

The tank itself is a solid base with a rectangular prism frame. The construction works quite well and the end result is surprisingly sturdy. My only complaint with this part of the set is that the corners are a little bulky. But overall I think it works.

The scenery

You can’t have a great fish tank without some plant life to beautify the whole thing. The various coral and plants included in this set are a great collection of interesting part usage. There are lots of upside down elements to create interesting shapes. There is also a great variety of colours.

The submarine is a cute little addition but I don’t love that it spins around freely.

Blue Tang

If you are doing a bunch of fish for a fish tank the Blue Tang has to be pretty high up on the list thanks to the popularity of Dory. The tang in this set is really well done and looks super cute. Despite the smallish scale it is instantly recognisible.

Yellow Tang

Another Tang? Yes this set is quite tangy. The yellow tang is another example of a fish well executed at a small scale. Overall shape is great and some interesting part usage.

Moorish Idol?

I’m not sure this fish is exactly a Moorish Idol but that’s what the black and white fish is in Finding Nemo, so I’m going with that. If there are any marine biologists readin* who want to correct me please comment below.

I like the use of the Mixel ball joint in the tail for the added level of articulation. It really allows the overall scene to feel more alive.

Royal Gamma

Another fish I’m uncertain of but again sticking with Finding Nemo. This might be my favourite of the fish because it’s so tiny and cute. Great use of colour and really effective use of the limited number of parts.


Last and least is the clownfish. It sucks. Sure it has the orange, black and white that you need for a clownish but the overall shape is not great at all.

I don’t understand why this fish has so many exposed studs. You can see right through the thing. I am not a marine biologist but I’m pretty sure clownfish don’t have tubes running from one side of their bodies to the other that you can see through.

Also why is there an exposed stud at the back of the tail? A clownfish tail is pretty rounded not pointy and blocky. LEGO got curves on the other fish why not this one?

If I was somebody who gave numerical scores in my reviews I would give this set a lower score with the clownfish than without it.

Alternate Builds

Neither alternate build has the clownish so they are great.

Final thoughts

Don’t let the clownfish ruin this set for you. That’s what it wants. That’s letting the clownfish win. No, buy this set and then design your own better clownfish. Or honestly just leave it out, there’s enough there without it.

3 thoughts on “31122 Creator Fish Tank – Shame about the clownfish

  1. Andrew Reply

    Great review ;). I built this a while ago, and didn’t even notice the anatomical impossibility of the clownfish. I’ll never look at it in the same light again. But the set itself is a lot of fun.

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