LEGO Masters Bricksmas Special – Episode 2 Recap

It’s time to wrap up the celebrity LEGO Masters experiment with the grand finale of Bricksmas.

The teams arrive to find a very impressive LEGO Christmas Tree. “Did you make that?” asks Sophie. “Yes m’am” Brickman says in reply seemingly forgetting to mention his team of staff that put it together.

A quick reminder that the team that wins gets $20k worth of LEGO donated to the Kmart wishing tree on their behalf.

Today’s challenge is to build the ultimate LEGO set to appear under the Christmas tree. This is all about turning your childhood fantasy in to a giant LEGO set. Today needs to be at minifigure scale and have playability.

Each team gets an hour of Brickman building time. As the winner of night one Brooke and Michael get a huge advantage – an hour of Hamish build time. Ok so it’s not a huge advantage at all.

There are 12 hours for this build.

Sophie wants to do something girly so Henry pitches a music box idea. She’s on board.

Jay and Scott decide pretty quickly on an Australian farm house.

Brooke and Michael are doing a fairy garden.

Wippa and Stani are going with a castle. Castle is a good choice.

Scott and Jay are very happy with their idea. I think it could look great.

Sophie and Henry have the great idea to add movement to their build. This could make their build stand out against the competition.

Brooke really wants to do a school so they are making a fairy school. Kids love thinking about school at Christmas time.

Wippa and Stani are first to get an hour of Brickman time. He teaches Wippa how to build a circular tower. This seems like a great way to take advantage of Brickman – get his skills but in a way that you can then keep going with after he leaves.

Brooke and Michael call in their Hamish time. He is set the challenge of building a grasshopper pulling a wagon. He decides to cheat by getting Brickman to build it so he can recreate it. I kind of just wanted to see Hamish try and build.

Scott and Jay are feeling the pressure with the other builds getting big sooner than theirs. They call in Brickman to build a windmill for them.

Wippa decides that instead of building it would be a fun idea to steal the trophy. Honestly I don’t have the energy for this side of Wippa tonight.

Henry and Sophie realise that their build is going to be a bit small compared to the others and decide to switch from just a music box to a chest of drawers. Each draw will have a different scene in it.

Wippa gets to work on stealing the trophy and I could not possibly care less about this.

Brooke and Michael call in Brickman to build a waterwheel for them. He’s going to motorise it which should add a nice touch to the build.

Jay and Scott are adding a bushfire to their build. Kids love a Christmas bushfire.

For their chest of drawers build Sophie and Henry are adding in a bunch of Nine shows as their scenes in each draw. This is meant to be ultimate Christmas present. LEGO versions of Nine shows isn’t anybody’s ultimate present. Or it shouldn’t be.

Two hours of build time left and we pause for a friendly reminder that this was filmed during COVID. Wippa has been informed that he is a casual contact of a COVID case and has left the set. With two hours to go this isn’t the end of the world for Stani but it is still going to set him back. Actually it probably won’t.

Brooke and Michael have to get the top on their mushroom and despite attempts to build the drama through editing and ad breaks it works fine.

All the teams add the finishing touches to their builds in the final few minutes. Stani manages to knock out a dragon in the last few minutes.

Time to see who takes out the first ever Bricksmas

Scott and Jay

It’s definitely Australian. I really like the overall look of this. I think the bushfire story is a little too soon but I guess fire is a popular city theme. It’s got some great playability.

Sophie and Henry

I don’t really care for the “Channel Nine promo vignettes”. I really like the rock band music box though. I am not sure this is going to win it but it’s not terrible.

Brooke and Michael

I think this is really cute. Slap some minidolls in this one and release it as a UCS return of Elves and it’d sell like hotcakes. I think this one could take it out. It’s got great story and playability and the cuteness factor missing from the others so far.

Wippa and Stani

This is a good looking castle. Another that features great sense of fun. I think it will come down to this or the fairy school. The lower level of playability might cost this one the win.

The top two builds are… Brooke and Michael, plus Scott and Jay. Not my top two.

Brooke and Michael win it! A well deserved win I think.

1 thought on “LEGO Masters Bricksmas Special – Episode 2 Recap

  1. Trina Dunne Reply

    I enjoyed Brickmas..however that Wippa bloke spoilt the whole show…
    Stani was better off without him …So what really happened to Wippa..was he kicked off show…???
    Poor Stani had to keep smiling while talking to an idiot in a Tablet..unbearable TV viewing.
    I was ready to turn of the TV and read a book instead…
    I won’t be watching Brickmas 2022

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