January 2022 releases – Over 100 new sets

It’s that time of the year where all the awesome new sets released and it’s impossible to work out just what you want to buy.

Below you will find a full list of all the sets officially released on January 1st. Some of these have already spotted in stores while others might not have a retail release until later in the new year.

What are you planning to pick up?

ImageSet #NamePriceLink
10297Boutique Hotel$319.99Link
10781Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike$17.99Link
10782Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown$32.99Link
10783Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab$49.99Link
10784Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout$79.99Link
10960Belle's Ballroom$29.99Link
10964Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda$15.99Link
10965Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train$29.99Link
10966Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island$59.99Link
10978Creative Building Time$59.99Link
21177The Creeper™ Ambush$17.99Link
21178The Fox Lodge$32.99Link
21179The Mushroom House$32.99Link
21180The Guardian Battle$32.99Link
21181The Rabbit Ranch$49.99Link
21183The Training Grounds$89.99Link
21331Sonic the Hedgehog™ – Green Hill Zone$119.99Link
31129Majestic Tiger$79.99Link
40518High-Speed Train$34.99Link
40539Ahsoka Tano™$15.99Link
40540Lion Dance Guy$15.99Link
40543St. Bernard$24.99Link
40544Pets - French Bulldog$24.99Link
40557Defence of Hoth™$24.99Link
40558Clone Trooper™ Command Station$24.99Link
41695Pet Clinic$32.99Link
41697Turtle Protection Vehicle$15.99Link
41700Beach Glamping$59.99Link
41701Street Food Market$79.99Link
41702Canal Houseboat$119.99Link
41703Friendship Tree House$129.99Link
41704Main Street Building$229.99Link
41707Tree-Planting Vehicle$44.99Link
41942Into the Deep Bracelets with Charms$11.99Link
41943Gamer Bracelet with Charms$11.99Link
41944Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag$22.99Link
41945Neon Tiger Bracelet & Bag Tag$22.99Link
41946Extra DOTS – Series 6$5.99Link
41948Cute Banana Pen Holder$29.99Link
42127THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™$169.99Link
42130BMW M 1000 RR$319.99Link
42134Monster Jam™ Megalodon™$32.99Link
42135Monster Jam™ El Toro Loco™$32.99Link
42137Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric$79.99Link
42138Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500®$79.99Link
43198Anna’s Castle Courtyard$17.99Link
43199Elsa’s Castle Courtyard$17.99Link
43203Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations$89.99Link
43208Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure$59.99Link
854153Miles Morales Keyring$7.99Link
854154Carnage Keyring$7.99Link
854158French Bull Dog Guy Keyring$7.99Link
854186Ahsoka Tano™ Key Chain$7.99Link
854187Grogu™ Keyring$7.99Link
60309Selfie Stunt Bike$12.99Link
60310Chicken Stunt Bike$12.99Link
60311Fire Stunt Bike$12.99Link
60312Police Car$15.99Link
60314Ice Cream Truck Police Chase$49.99Link
60315Police Mobile Command Truck$59.99Link
60316Police Station$99.99Link
60317Police Chase at the Bank$159.99Link
60318Fire Helicopter$15.99Link
60319Fire Rescue & Police Chase$49.99Link
60320Fire Station$99.99Link
60321Fire Brigade$159.99Link
60322Race Car$15.99Link
60323Stunt Plane$15.99Link
60324Mobile Crane$59.99Link
60325Cement Mixer Truck$32.99Link
60326Picnic in the park$22.99Link
60327Horse Transporter$44.99Link
60328Beach Lifeguard Station$49.99Link
60329School Day$99.99Link
60343Rescue Helicopter Transport$44.99Link
60350Lunar Research Base$159.99Link
60351Rocket Launch Center$229.99Link
71032Series 22$5.99Link
71396Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Expansion Set$17.99Link
71397Luigi’s Mansion™ Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set$39.99Link
71398Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set$49.99Link
71399Luigi’s Mansion™ Entryway Expansion Set$59.99Link
71400Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set$89.99Link
71401Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set$119.99Link
71402Character Packs – Series 4$5.99Link
71757Lloyd's Ninja Mech$15.99Link
71760Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO$32.99Link
71761Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO$15.99Link
71762Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO$44.99Link
71763Lloyd’s Race Car EVO$44.99Link
71765Ninja Ultra Combo Mech$139.99Link
71766Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon$99.99Link
71767Ninja Dojo Temple$159.99Link
71776Jay and Nya's Race Car EVO$79.99Link
75320Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack$32.99Link
75321The Razor Crest™ Microfighter$17.99Link
75322LEGO® Star Wars™ Hoth™ AT-ST™$79.99Link
76179Batman™ & Selina Kyle™ Motorcycle Pursuit$24.99Link
76181Batmobile™: The Penguin™ Chase$49.99Link
76183Batcave™: The Riddler™ Face-off$119.99Link
76205Gargantos Showdown​$49.99Link
76206Iron Man Figure$59.99Link
76399Hogwarts™ Magical Trunk$89.99Link
80030Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations$49.99Link
80031Mei’s Dragon Car$69.99Link
80032Chang’e Moon Cake Factory$79.99Link
80033Evil Macaque’s Mech$99.99Link
80034Nezha’s Fire Ring$129.99Link
80035Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer$169.99Link
80036The City of Lanterns$229.99Link
80108Lunar New Year Traditions$109.99Link
80109Lunar New Year Ice Festival$149.99Link

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7 thoughts on “January 2022 releases – Over 100 new sets

  1. MattL Reply

    First complaint of the New Year coming – Some great sets coming. So the Rocket Launcher Centre and the Monkie Kid City of Lanterns are both $230 – one has 1010 pieces the other has 2187 pieces? Or the Lunar Research base for $160/786 pieces vs the Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer $170/1356 pieces. Do Lego throw darts at a price chart to determine pricing?
    Happy New Year

  2. Phil Reply

    Such a handy summary, thank you!
    Me and the kids had a nice browse to plan what to spend the Christmas vouchers on.

    • Damien Reply

      Would recommend against spending rrp on LEGO especially on the online store. Definitely hold out for a decent promo if you can

      • Phil Reply

        Cheers. They got some gift cards for Lego affiliate stores (will get our vip points), but I’ve taught them well to compare with Kmart/other sale prices 😉

        • Dave Reply

          There’s not usually a decent promo to the Easter break, so I’d recommend checking out Kmart for anything greater than 20% off rrp.

  3. Neil Reply

    New City ‘space’ sets now saying March release? And series 22 saying Feb?

    The only things i was really looking forward too… Bummer.

  4. Dave Reply

    Can we expect a price comparison across stores as they start to hit the shelves?

    That’s the most important planning part of my year!

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