Retail release schedule for 1HY 2022

I have something of a New Year’s day tradition – searching for the new LEGO catalogue and spending hours writing up when you’ll find all the cool 2022 sets in store.

It’s late but I have compiled a list of everything listed in the new catalogue and when you’ll find it in stores.

This year seems to follow the general trend of when sets appear in stores. The biggest surprise might be the City space sets not appearing until March.

There are a few sets not previously listed on the LEGO website so I have included a few screenshots below. I have also included links to the LEGO website for LEGO sets that have been released because most of these will be available online and you’ll also find more information there.

Finally there are some sets in here that appear to have been cancelled, like the Marvel Mechs. I don’t know if their appearance in the catalogue is a mistake or if they will appear in stores.

 Set #Set NameRRPMonthLink
10965Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train$29.99JanuaryLink
10964Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda$15.99JanuaryLink
10966Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island$59.99JanuaryLink
10959Police Station & HelicopterMarch
10968Doctor VisitMarch
10967Police MotorcycleMarch
10969Fire TruckMarch
10970Fire Station & HelicopterMarch
10960Belle's Ballroom$29.99JanuaryLink
10783Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab$49.99JanuaryLink
10781Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike$17.99JanuaryLink
10784Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout$79.99JanuaryLink
10782Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown$32.99JanuaryLink
11018Creative Ocean FunMarch
11017Creative MonstersMarch
11019Bricks and FunctionsMarch
43208Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure$59.99JanuaryLink
43198Anna’s Castle Courtyard$17.99FebruaryLink
43199Elsa’s Castle Courtyard$17.99FebruaryLink
41703Friendship Tree House$129.99JanuaryLink
41707Tree-Planting Vehicle$44.99JanuaryLink
41702Canal Houseboat$119.99JanuaryLink
41704Main Street Building$229.99JanuaryLink
41701Street Food Market$79.99JanuaryLink
41700Beach Glamping$59.99JanuaryLink
41718Pet Day-Care CentreMarch
41697Turtle Protection Vehicle$15.99JanuaryLink
41694Pet Clinic AmbulanceMarch
41695Pet Clinic$32.99JanuaryLink
41699Pet Adoption CaféMarch
31127Street RacerMarch
31126Supersonic JetMarch
31123Off-road BuggyMarch
31125Fantasy Forest CreaturesMarch
31129Majestic Tiger$79.99JanuaryLink
31128Dolphin and TurtleMarch
31124Super RobotMarch
41952Big Message BoardMarch
41950Lots of DOTS - LetteringMarch
41949Bag Tags Mega Pack - MessagingMarch
41951Message BoardMarch
41945Neon Tiger Bracelet & Bag Tag$22.99FebruaryLink
41948Cute Banana Pen Holder$29.99FebruaryLink
41944Candy Kitty Bracelet & Bag Tag$22.99FebruaryLink
41946Extra DOTS – Series 6$5.99FebruaryLink
71401Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set$119.99JanuaryLink
71397Luigi’s Mansion™ Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set$39.99JanuaryLink
71399Luigi’s Mansion™ Entryway Expansion Set$59.99JanuaryLink
71398Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set$49.99JanuaryLink
71396Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Expansion Set$17.99JanuaryLink
71400Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set$89.99JanuaryLink
71402Character Packs – Series 4$5.99FebruaryLink
71032Series 22$5.99JanuaryLink
60329School Day$99.99JanuaryLink
60328Beach Lifeguard Station$49.99JanuaryLink
60316Police Station$99.99JanuaryLink
60312Police Car$15.99JanuaryLink
60317Police Chase at the Bank$159.99JanuaryLink
60314Ice Cream Truck Police Chase$49.99JanuaryLink
60315Police Mobile Command Truck$59.99JanuaryLink
60320Fire Station$99.99JanuaryLink
60318Fire Helicopter$15.99JanuaryLink
60319Fire Rescue & Police Chase$49.99JanuaryLink
60321Fire Brigade$159.99JanuaryLink
60322Race Car$15.99JanuaryLink
60323Stunt Plane$15.99JanuaryLink
60324Mobile Crane$59.99JanuaryLink
60350Lunar Research Base$159.99MarchLink
60348Lunar Roving VehicleMarch
60349Lunar Space StationMarch
76206Iron Man Figure$59.99JanuaryLink
76203Iron Man Mech ArmorJanuary
76204Black Panther Mech ArmorJanuary
76202Wolverine Mech ArmorJanuary
70690Jay's Spinjitzu Ninja TrainingMarch
70688Kai's Spinjitzu Ninja TrainingMarch
70689Lloyd's Spinjitzu Ninja TrainingMarch
71757Lloyd's Ninja Mech$15.99FebruaryLink
71760Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO$32.99FebruaryLink
71761Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO$15.99FebruaryLink
71763Lloyd’s Race Car EVO$44.99FebruaryLink
71764Ninja Training CenterMarch
71767Ninja Dojo Temple$159.99FebruaryLink
71766Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon$99.99FebruaryLink
71765Ninja Ultra Combo Mech$139.99FebruaryLink
76396Hogwarts™ Moment: Divination ClassMarch
76397Hogwarts™ Moment: Defence ClassMarch
76399Hogwarts™ Magical Trunk$89.99MarchLink
76398Hogwarts™ Hospital WingMarch
21177The Creeper™ Ambush$17.99FebruaryLink
21183The Training Grounds$89.99FebruaryLink
21181The Rabbit Ranch$49.99FebruaryLink
75321The Razor Crest™ Microfighter$17.99JanuaryLink
75320Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack$32.99JanuaryLink
75322LEGO® Star Wars™ Hoth™ AT-ST™$79.99JanuaryLink
42139All-Terrain VehicleMarch
42135Monster Jam™ El Toro Loco™$32.99FebruaryLink
42134Monster Jam™ Megalodon™$32.99FebruaryLink
42138Ford Mustang Shelby® GT500®$79.99FebruaryLink
42137Formula E® Porsche 99X Electric$79.99FebruaryLink
42127THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™$169.99JanuaryLink
42140App-Controlled Transformation VehicleMarch

You can find the catalogue for yourself here.

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1 thought on “Retail release schedule for 1HY 2022

  1. Ross Reply

    We picked up the Majestic Tiger last week for $20 less than RRP at our local K-Mart… seems they put on the shelves early for the Boxing Day sales!

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