January 2022 sets now available at Amazon

Great news for those of you who like to shop from home – the January 2022 releases are now all listed at Amazon. This is all of the general release sets and doesn’t include things like the new modular or Sonic.

I haven’t included Amazon prices in this list as they are going to fluctuate a lot over the next week or so as more retailers reveal their pricing.

Also the links below will default to third party sellers if the item goes out of stock from Amazon Australia. Just be aware of that when you are looking at stuff.

As always don’t forget about the Bricking Around Amazon deals page, which is regularly refreshed and does list current prices. It includes a search function to find a specific set or theme.

ImageSet #Set NameRRPLink
10781Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike$17.99View
10782Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown$32.99View
10783Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab$49.99View
10784Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout$79.99View
10960Belle's Ballroom$29.99View
10964Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda$15.99View
10965Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train$29.99View
10966Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island$59.99View
31129Majestic Tiger$79.99View
41697Turtle Protection Vehicle$15.99View
41700Beach Glamping$59.99View
41701Street Food Market$79.99View
41702Canal Houseboat$119.99View
41703Friendship Tree House$129.99View
41704Main Street Building$229.99View
42127THE BATMAN - BATMOBILE™$169.99View
60312Police Car$15.99View
60314Ice Cream Truck Police Chase$49.99View
60316Police Station$99.99View
60318Fire Helicopter$15.99View
60319Fire Rescue & Police Chase$49.99View
60320Fire Station$99.99View
60321Fire Brigade$159.99View
60322Race Car$15.99View
60323Stunt Plane$15.99View
60324Mobile Crane$59.99View
60328Beach Lifeguard Station$49.99View
60329School Day$99.99View
71396Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Expansion Set$17.99View
71397Luigi’s Mansion™ Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set$39.99View
71398Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set$49.99View
71399Luigi’s Mansion™ Entryway Expansion Set$59.99View
71400Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion Set$89.99View
71401Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set$119.99View
75320Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack$32.99View
75321The Razor Crest™ Microfighter$17.99View
75322LEGO® Star Wars™ Hoth™ AT-ST™$79.99View
76202Wolverine Mech ArmorView
76203Iron Man Mech ArmorView
76204Black Panther Mech ArmorView
76206Iron Man Figure$59.99View

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1 thought on “January 2022 sets now available at Amazon

  1. Andrew Reply

    As of 3 Jan, looks like most are listed as out of stock. They may not have received their deliveries yet.

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