31119 Creator Ferris Wheel – A good set, lost among great ones

The Creator 3-in-1 Ferris Wheel is a really fun build and an end product that is a delight to play with. Why then does it feel like a footnote in the list of 2021 sets? If this set had been released in a different batch it might have been a huge hit. But it was put up against a castle! We haven’t had a castle in years and this year we got a great one.

This year also featured a continued focus on sets for adults. These adult sets came at a variety of price points which made it harder for the Ferris Wheel to find it’s niche. At $149.99 it is not an impulse buy for most families and I don’t think this is something a lot of kids were specifically requesting.

The set features 1002 pieces and 5 minifugres, all of which look great.

The Australian RRP is $149.99 but it’s pretty easy to find this at 20-30% off. I don’t think this is overpriced just that it’s at a price point where there is a lot of other good stuff.

The design follows a pretty standard Ferris Wheel approach – spinning tyres make the central wheel turn. It’s simple and effective and the execution here works well. If you wanted to you could quite easily motorise this set, but I don’t think you really need to.

The central wheel features a cute sun and cloud motif but the face on the sun isn’t centred and for some reason that really bugged me.

There are 8 gondolas which are all build the same just in a variety of colours. This does make this part of the build a little less exciting, but it’s one of those unavoidable things.

Accompanying the main structure are some smaller builds. The first is a ticket booth which also sells popcorn for some reason. It’s a very simple little structure so there isn’t a lot to say about it.

The second of the smaller builds is a balloon animal cart and I’m just going to say it – brick built balloon animals don’t work. I am fine with brick built animals like the dog in this set but LEGO has really awesome balloon dog elements. They would have worked much better.

I described this set as good lost among great and I think “good” is probably where this one lands for me. There are some issues with repetition in the build but it’s still fun to put together and it’s super fun to play with. I just think there was better stuff released this year, and every set has to fight the battle of space and money. This one just loses out.

Buying it?

The best price is probably going to be Amazon. At the time of publication it can be found for $99, which is about 30% off RRP.

2 thoughts on “31119 Creator Ferris Wheel – A good set, lost among great ones

  1. Cameron Reply

    Definitely an average set. Not bad, but not amazing.

    I already have the giant ferris wheel, so if I got this one, it would be so I could make the bumper cars.

    Note to LEGO: make a bigger bumper cars set!

  2. Anthony Reply

    I like this set because it was a good size for my city layout. But agree that this wasn’t the best or worst set out out by LEGO.

    The brick built dog went to the spare parts bin.

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