Amazon Australia selling LEGO Bags

While updating the Amazon Deals page I noticed that a few non-set items popped up on the list.

These items are listed as being sold by Amazon Australia rather than third party sellers.

Kids Brick Backpack – $76 – $101

These are available in a range of colours. For some reason the red is more expensive than the other options. Overall they are not cheap. But they look cool

4 Piece Organiser Tote – $79.93

This is an interesting product. Great for anybody that is ever transporting loose bricks.

Storage Cinch Bucket – $38.42

Another loose brick storage option.

I’d love to hear from anybody that grabs one of these items.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Australia selling LEGO Bags

  1. Tanyara Reply

    Good find! Looks like they have several of the other Lego accessories that we never seem to be able to get here either as well – lunchboxes, minifig display case, wall hangers, etc….!

  2. Nichole Reply

    It’s good to see that some no Lego sets are starting to become more available in Australia, but that Cinch Bag is smaller then my sisters handbag lol, if she was into Lego I’d get it for her to use as one!!

    My nephew just turned one at the end of December and I have recently been looking into storage options for the Duplo sets he will start to come into in six months time (started collecting about 5mths before he was born lol, Amazon really have some great Duplo deals if you are patient!). From what I have found, these Lego official storage items are cool looking, but not the most practical and not very big for the price. If anyone is looking for a good option, Justbricks has play pouches from about $55 that lay flat then pull up into a storage bag that seem like the best option for young kids anyway.

    Thanks for the info, will start checking Amazon for no set items from now on, there are so many cool stationary items that are Lego affiliated that we just don’t see here!

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