Lightyear movie sets officially revealed

LEGO has revealed three new sets from the upcoming Buzz Lightyear film and one of them just happens to be a very nice looking spaceship. Here are the details.

76832 XL-15 Spaceship – $79.99

This is a great looking spaceship. It even comes with a UCS style display plaque!

76831 Zurg Battle – $49.99

While the Spaceship doesn’t include a classic style Buzz Lightyear suit this one comes with two. You also get the titular Zurg who is a great looking mech.

76830 Zyclops Chase – $32.99

This is a 4+ set so is obviously a smaller and simpler build. The 4+ mech legs look interesting. I’m not sure if these are new elements or not?

All of these sets will be available April 24th. They should be general retail release so may show up a little before then in-stores.

You can find the listings here [affiliate links]

3 thoughts on “Lightyear movie sets officially revealed

  1. Will Reply

    The 4+ Mech legs have appeared in the Jay’s ElectroMech remake from last year (in blue) and in Lloyd’s Ninja Mech this year (in green).

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