Botanical range grows with two new sets

The LEGO Botanicals range has highlighted that LEGO is serious about attracting LEGO fans outside the traditional AFOL by releasing new and slightly unusual products.

While I haven’t built any of the range myself I love the concept and think they look great. These two new additions also look outstanding. I am going to start with my favourite…

10309 Succulents – $89.99

I am not a huge gardener but there is something about succulents that I really like. Whenever I find myself in the Bunnings garden section I’ll make sure to check out their range of succulents.

This set is a great collection of various succulent species each built separately. This is a great feature as it allows you to combine the various plants together in a way that suits you, or you can display each as an individual plant.

This set is currently available for pre-order and ships May 6th.

10311 Orchid – $89.99

This is absolutely one of those sets that is going to have people going “Wait, that’s LEGO?”. It looks stunning and there is some undeniably clever part usage.

This set is also available for pre-order but ships a little earlier on May 1st.

Do you plan to get either of these sets? The Succulents are a must-buy for me.

More images below.

3 thoughts on “Botanical range grows with two new sets

  1. sterow Reply

    There seems to have been a massive (and very welcome) correction of pricing on this range, if you compare the Bird of Paradise to the Orchid set.

  2. Luke Jackson Reply

    Lego shop have 2 give aways you can score IF you spend over $170. Both these sets total $180, so you get both.

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