LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 3 Recap

Tonight we get a new team of Scott and Anthony. Wait. Wrong channel.

We are doing music tonight which means we get contracted channel 9 personality who doesn’t have a music show to appear on Delta Goodrem.

Our teams arrive to find a jukebox. The challenge is called “Build That Tune”. They get a random song and Delta will have to work out what song they have built.

Today may be an elimination.

Lexi and Rachael have the power to assign songs to each team as the winner of last night’s episode.

The first song is “Stairway to Heaven”. Lexi wants something more interesting and assigns this one to Joss and Henry. This seems like an easy one to build in an obvious way.

The next song is classic ACDC “Long way to the top”. This is given to Branko and Max.

The Top Gun classic “Danger Zone” is given to Gene and Nick. This could be a tough one.

“River Deep, Mountain High” is given to Kirsti and Dan. They are not fans but I think this should be pretty easy.

“Heard it Through The Grape Vine” is taken by Lexi and Rachael.

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds” is assigned to Trent and Paul.

“Smoke on the water” goes to Crystal and Andrew.

The last song “sitting on top of the world” goes to Alex and Caleb. This is much less of a classic than the rest.

Crystal points out that they need smoke and water. This makes a lot of sense because their song is “smoke on the water”. Making smoke may be a bit tricky.

Gene and Nick are doing Danger Zone and I feel this is much more vague than the others. They are doing a highway and some giant dangerous stuff.

Joss and Henry are doing a giant spiral staircase leading up to heaven. Obviously.

Poor Caleb and Alex have to pretend to care about a Delta Goodrem song but it’s at least pretty obvious. They are building somebody sitting on top of the world.

Honestly I feel like I should stop because everybody is just building exactly the thing they have to build. There really isn’t a lot of wiggle room in this one.

Hamish tells Branko and Max that their build could be mistaken for a KISS song and then it’s revealed that it’s not a real song. I don’t know KISS that well so I admit he got me.

Trent and Paul are doing a giant diamond in the sky with a Lucy character sitting on it. The song is Lucy in the sky with diamonds not a single large diamond. Zero points. Pack your bags guys.

They are motorising their build which might help overcome the SINGLE DIAMOND.

Lexi is doing a large character build while Rachael is working on a great grape vine.

Kristi and Dan are doing forced perspective to try and help tell the mountain high part of their “River Deep, Mountain High”.

Dan has been helping the other teams. IT’S A COMPETITION DAN. STOP! He’s given the nickname Brick Dan.

Brickman says smoke on the water is really difficult… and is it?

Alex and Caleb’s globe is looking chunky. There’s discussion about the Fibonacci sequence.

Brick Dan gives some words of encouragement to the teams and as somebody who has advocated for a second judge I am pro Brick Dan. Brickman seems unpleased and jokes about sending everybody home.

Brickman is still weirdly obsessed with the smoke on the water build being super difficult.

We have singing now. Thankfully it doesn’t last long.

Hamish stops by to list a whole bunch of other songs that Nick and Gene might be doing. It doesn’t fill them with confidence.

Brickman thinks their river isn’t deep enough. Dan asks if they build off the table. They can so they are going super deep.

Lexi has build a massive head. It looks pretty good.

Caleb and Alex have created a whole new conspiracy theory. Forget Flat Earth I am all about lumpy cube Earth.

Kristi and Dan are running it down to the wire and Kristi is freaking out a bit.

Time is up and Hamish is off to get the special celebrity judge. The contestants all assume it’s Hamish in a costume. Delta comes out and the teams seem pretty excited to see somebody other than Brickman and Hamish.

Lexi and Rachael

Delta very quickly gets the song. It was pretty obvious so I’d be angry if she didn’t get it. Brickman likes it too.

Alex and Caleb

I really hope Delta can’t get her own song. She doesn’t though. They were probably contractually obligated to include one of her songs.

Kristi and Dan

I think this one is pretty obvious as well. Delta doesn’t get it though. She seems to have completely missed the river part. Kristi gets a hug from Delta though so not too bad.

This is a bit shit if a team gets eliminated on LEGO Masters because of Delta Goodrem.

Trent and Paul

They’ve got more than one diamond I think they’ll be ok. And Delta gets it straight away.

Joss and Henry

A build that looks technically great. It should be pretty obvious and it is. Delta gets it easily.

Branko and Max

Delta drags it out a little for dramatic effect but she gets this one too.

Crystal and Andrew

There’s smoke, there’s water. I hope Delta gets this one. But she doesn’t. I thought this one was pretty obvious? I think the issue could have been the water.

Nick and Gene

This could be a tough one. Delta immediately jumps to highway to hell but the carefully placed ad break makes it clear there’s more to come…

She gets to danger and just as time is about to be called she gets it. Nick spots an opening to hit on Delta and takes it, so even if they don’t win today that’s still a win for Nick.

Hamish reveals that today is NOT an elimination. Which is great. I like Delta but she shouldn’t have that much power.

The top two teams vying for the Platinum Brick are… Lexi & Rachael and Nick & Gene.

The team taking home the brick is… Nick and Gene.

Our teams leave and Delta steals the lumpy cube Earth. Now I get to take a few days off and rest my fingers.

2 thoughts on “LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 3 Recap

  1. Dave Reply

    The trailer for the next episode (in the middle of the guessing) billed it as the ‘first elimination’. Four series in Channel 9’s marketing team still can’t arrange a piss up in a brewery.

    I disagree with you about smoke on the water- Smoke + water was all it needed, I’d have made the water deep purple if I was getting funky. I thought the song was a fairly literal account of their mobile studio burning down, so I was a bit lost on what the house was.

  2. Monty Reply

    Brickman seems to like Rachel and Lexi whereas I thought their build was pretty simple. I think the right team won tonight, as they had a tough song, however, I thought ‘long way to the top’ was a much better build and tougher than ‘heard it through the grape vine’ to convey.

    It’s always easier to guess when you know the answer and what they are trying to build as opposed to coming in later and guessing. To me smoke on the water was obvious – the casino in purple, after the band and coming out of the flames was smoke – but trying to walk back from knowing that, it was quite overbuilt and a bit muddled (and Dan needed to spend more time with his team).

    River Deep, Mountain high – was another obvious one when you knew the song – but it was tough to find the focus of their build I think – albeit a great build.

    As for stairway to heaven, I irrationally really wanted to see a female mini figure with money on the steps behind her and the single step in front in gold.

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