LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 4 Recap

It’s Sunday which means that after a brief reprieve we are back with LEGO Masters.

Our teams arrive and find Hamish wearing a very shiny suit. The human disco ball informs everybody that today will be a two round elimination. The winner of the first build takes an advantage in to the second but somebody will be going home.

The first build is called Car of The Future. Hamish reveals an example that looks suspiciously like the Homer from the Simpsons.

The vehicles will need to balance on a magnetic platform to achieve a hovering effect. This one is going to require a lot of testing. Teams have 6 hours.

Alex and Caleb are building a guitar car. Which doesn’t really seem to fit the brief.

Kristi and Dan are doing a retro futuristic style build and it could be great.

Crystal and Andrew are doing an influencer mobile. Another team that don’t really seem to be hitting the brief. It’s not dream car, it’s car of the future.

Nick and Gene are doing the The Axle-otl. The pitch is cyberpunk and tacky and fish powered. I love it.

Joss and Henry are doing a post apocalyptic mail van. I like the idea of doing post-apocalypse.

Trent and Paul are building a car they are calling Ipanema Dreaming. Designed for dual income no kid couples. There’s pods for your dogs! Not sure if this is going to be very futuristic.

Trent and Paul are the first to test the balance of their platform. The magnets seem super strong and somebody is going to get a smushed finger.

Branko and Max are doing a Exploration Vehicle. Lots of futuristic power sources but not super specific.

Lexi and Rachael are doing a rainbow car. Another not futuristic idea.

Kristi and Dan have a successful balance test so head back to their bench to bling up their car.

Lexi and Rachael decide not to test their vehicle because they don’t want it to break before the end of the build time. This is remarkably stupid. Also shows that their build must be super flimsy.

Brickman stares them down and they decide to test it and it balances. All the other teams seem to be doing pretty well with their testing, except for Alex and Caleb.

Time is up. Who will float and who will crash and burn.

Joss and Henry

Their futuristic mail van looks amazing. It’s instantly recognisable. Their balance time runs out and the curtain drops to reveal they didn’t get it floating.

Branko and Max

They are struggling with getting this one balanced in time and we cut to an ad break just before the reveal. It hits the ground and explodes just as the curtain drops. Tough result.

Trent and Paul

Could they be the first to balance their model? It’s not the most amazing build but it’s also not terrible. They get it balancing! They take the front by default.

Nick and Gene

Their vehicle looks outstandingly bizarre. They also get it balancing. My favourite so far.

We now get a super quick montage of Andrew & Crystal, Alex & Caleb and Lexi and Rachael. The first two are successful while the third doesn’t float.

Kristi and Dan

I really love the retro-futuristic aesthetic. If they can get this balancing it might be a winner. They run out of time and it’s not floating. They nailed the brief though.

Who goes in to the next round with an advantage?

There are 4 teams that got their car floating. The top two are Nick & Gene and Paul & Trent. I prefer Nick & Gene’s build. Brickman agrees and awards them the win.

The elimination build is about bringing new life in to old objects. The teams arrive from a quick break and find a whole bunch of old stuff. Hamish has been raiding hard rubbish collection. All of the old objects have LEGO plates glued to them. Their “new” build has to connect to the old object and make a cohesive story.

Nick and Gene as holders of the Platinum Brick get to choose the object for everybody.

  • Kirsti and Dan get the spinning wheel.
  • Henry and Joss get the piano.
  • Andrew and Crystal get the sewing machine.
  • Lexi and Rachael get an old trunk.
  • Branko and Max get the fridge.
  • Trent and Paul get the grandfather clock.
  • Caleb and Alex get the TV.
  • Nick and Gene take the record player.

Teams have 11 hours.

Crystal and Andrew are doing Crystal’s Fashion Show. It’s a history of Crystal’s style of the years. Hopefully they can connect it to the sewing machine rather than the sewing machine just being their.

Joss and Henry are doing the duet of life and death. A mix of macabre and natural. I like it.

Alex and Caleb are doing a mouse cinema in their old TV. I love this idea.

Nick and Gene are doing an underground Jazz bar in their record player. This could be fantastic if they can pull it off. Brickman decides to complicate their idea by wanting the mechanism being more complicated.

Kristi and Dan are turning their spinning wheel into a carnival Ferris Wheel. Brickman wants more because they aren’t the only ones doing movement. They decide to add a giant drop ride.

Lexi and Rachael are doing Japan in a Suitcase. Rachael is doing a monkey.

Branko and Max are doing rats in their fridge. It’s rats vs mice!

Trent and Paul are doing a clock monster.

Andrew and Crystal decide to rework their build. They are half way through their build and decide to completely change it. This seems like a bad omen. I think Brickman has already got it in his head that they don’t have a good story.

Lexi and Rachael seem to be struggling with time.

Kristi and Dan’s drop ride looks impressive and I think they might have enough to take it out.

Joss and Henry seem to have build a lot and I like it. Not sure everybody will get it.

Time is up and somebody is going home soon.

Nick and Gene

A really beautiful build. Great scale and detailing. Fantastic. Brickman is concerned it doesn’t have a lot of LEGO.

Joss and Henry

I don’t love this. It’s very technical but it just doesn’t it hit me.

Andrew and Crystal

The monster sewing machine is all a bit of muddle of things. I think these two could be in trouble today.

Trent and Paul

I like the concept but the monster is not that well executed. We don’t focus on them long so I am sure they will be safe.

Alex and Caleb

I love the mouse cinema. It’s adorable. The little mice are super cute and the idea that mice would turn an old TV into a cinema is great.

Branko and Max

The rats in the fridge aren’t as cute as the cinema mice but this is by no means a bad build.

Lexi and Rachael

This is… something. The cherry blossom tree looks like an angry squid monster climbing out of the suitcase. The monkey looks cute.

Dan and Kirsti

This is a great build. There’s lots of happening and it’s really fun. Brickman has a few nitpicks but it’s got to be a top build.

Let’s find out the top two…

Dan & Kirsti and Nick and Gene. I think this is a fair top two. Both great builds.

Nick and Gene take it out and keep the Platinum Brick.

Time for the bottom two…

Lexi & Rachael and Crystal & Andrew. Not super surprising here. This could go either way.

Crystal and Andrew are the first team leaving LEGO Masters Season 4.

3 thoughts on “LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 4 Recap

  1. Mark Reply

    The best thing about the second chance opportunity for contestants on previous seasons of Lego Masters was that they got to “fix” Brickman’s wrong choices for elimination. Not any more!

  2. MattL Reply

    Thanks for the recap. It’s disappointing that the show is increasingly focusing on orchestrated, mild dramatics, and the hesitant humour and mediocre antics of Hamish than it is on the completed builds. Oh well, it was fun for a while.

  3. Harry Reply

    I watch the start and finish now.
    Too much waffle and no connection to the builds,
    Too many repeat adverts, one of which shows Brickman cheating with a little girl, NOT a good image.
    Lack of TV showing the details of the builds.

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