LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 5 Recap

Tonight we are doing half builds. That should be quicker than a full build. Kidding. Teams have to create a cutaway object. Something that looks complete from one side but flip it around and you can see the inside.

Brickman shows off the concept with a huge ship. They flip it around to reveal the amazing level of internal details. It’s an impressive ship.

Teams have free reign within the brief. As long as it’s a cutaway in minifigure scale. The minifigure scale part could limit some teams.

We aren’t being told if it’s an elimination. The ads haven’t spoiled this so I assume it’s NOT an elimination.

There is a mystery button today. We aren’t told what it does yet.

Teams have 10 hours.

Alex and Caleb are doing a space base. Brickman gives them a handy tip – at minifigure scale your cutaways don’t need to be very deep. It makes sense when you think about it.

Nick and Gene are doing a cuckoo clock. They are going to try and have a working clock hands mechanism. This could chew up a lot of time.

Trent and Paul are given a chance to reveal the power of the mystery button. They pull a possible power out of a container and it says “Teams need to wrestle a bear before continuing their build”. It’s an awkward and funny situation that the kids watching just will not get.

Trent and Paul are doing a vet surgery. This could be a great build, with lots of opportunities for funny scenes inside.

Joss and Henry are doing a dragon attack. Branko and Max are also doing a dragon attack. It’s the battle of the half dragons!

 No. Wait we aren’t doing a dragon battle.

Branko and Max are now doing a human head. Not in an anatomical way, there’s gonna be minifigures in it.

Lexi and Rachael are doing an 1800s grand hotel. Another one with lots of potential for fun scenes.

Dan and Kirsti are doing a giant robot attacking a building. Brickman points out that they need to have one clean straight cut. They can’t have two separate “cuts”.

Branko and Max move on to their third idea. They are not having a great day. The third idea is a rocket.

Nick and Gene decide it’s time to press the mystery button… It makes ads start. Lame.

Oh wait there’s more. The clock stops and Hamish has to go get props. Nick and Gene are the only people allowed in the Brick Pit for 1 hour. Teams get 1 minute to grab what they need before it closes up. This is a pretty interesting twist.

The bouncer Hamish gimmick is already wearing a bit thin. Luckily the hour is up and the teams are all allowed back in the brick pit.

Dan and Kirsti have sorted their positioning but are now worried about time.

With an hour to go teams start making sure they’ve got the internal details in place.

Nick and Gene don’t have a working cuckoo for their clock. Brickman is going to be unhappy and not give them a win.

After everything they went through Branko and Max have managed to get an ok looking build together.

Now for the results…

Alex and Caleb

I really like this one. The exterior looks very alien world with lots of brightly coloured weird plants. The cutaway is also packed with story. Brickman doesn’t like 5 plates sticking out past the cut.

Joss and Henry

They have a mechanical dragon attacking a viking village. It’s a fun build but not sure it is a winner. Also if Brickman is going to nitpick 5 plates hanging off Alex and Caleb’s build there is stuff here that doesn’t really make sense if it’s a clean straight cut.

Dan and Kirsti

These two have been pretty good so far so this is a bit of a surprising let down. It is just a bit confused. They don’t have a clear story.

Nick and Gene

I really like the cuckoo clock even though it doesn’t have a working cuckoo mechanism. I like the story. Brickman is disappointed that the cuckoo doesn’t work but loves the moving hands. I think this might actually take it out.

Trent and Paul

I love the interior. Lots of fun with the animal vignettes. Didn’t love the exterior.

Lexi and Rachael

Their hotel does look quite grand. Packed with details. Brickman doesn’t like the roof but it’s really not important.

Branko and Max

Not a great day. If they had started with a rocket from the start it could have been amazing but the exterior is very bland. They’ve got enough happening inside for me to be happy with this.

Now to see who wins and/or goes home…

Today is… NOT an elimination. If it was it would have come down to Branko and Max vs Kirsti and Dan. I think Branko and Max would have stayed out of the two teams.

Nick and Gene return the Platinum Brick ahead of the announcement of the top two teams. Those two teams are…

Henry and Joss, and Nick and Gene. I can’t help but wonder if Brickman has forgotten that Alex and Caleb are on this show because they were one of the few teams to follow the brief yesterday and today they totally deserved to be top 2. My top two would be Nick and Gene and Alex and Caleb.

Nick and Gene take it out again. These guys are on one heck of a roll. Four wins in a row.

Next episode we are doing bridges again. This time they are shaking though!

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