Star Wars Day deals from Zavvi

Happy Star Wars Day! The team from Zavvi have sent through a list of their LEGO Star Wars (and some Technic for some reason) deals. It looks like they have rolled this in to a larger LEGO sale so you can find these prices and others here [affiliate link].

 Set #ThemeSet NamePriceRRPDiscount
75330Star WarsDagobah Jedi Training Diorama$109.99$119.998%
75326Star WarsBoba Fett’s Throne Room Buildable Toy$139.99$159.9913%
75315Star WarsImperial Light Cruiser Set$209.99$269.9922%
75314Star WarsThe Bad Batch Attack Shuttle Set$134.99$149.9910%
75309Star WarsRepublic Gunship UCS Set for Adults$479.99$579.9917%
75308Star WarsR2-D2 Collectible Building Model$264.99$329.9920%
75305Star WarsScout Trooper Helmet Set for Adults$79.99$89.9911%
75301Star WarsLuke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter Toy$76.99$79.994%
75257Star WarsMillennium Falcon Building Set$214.99$249.9914%
75192Star WarsMillennium Falcon Collector Series Set$1,099.00$1,299.9915%
42131LEGO TechnicCat® D11T Bulldozer Set$599.99$749.9920%
42130LEGO TechnicBMW M 1000 RR Motorbike Model Kit$259.99$319.9919%

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