LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 10 Recap

I may have missed a couple of episodes but I am back to recap tonight’s LEGO Masters antics.

With the last two episodes being non-elimination I am going to assume that tonight a team is going home. But first we are heading outside again.

The teams arrive to find a wire suspended across the studio. Teams have to build something that has to travel 10m across a wire. To win teams have to make the distance, then the winner will be decided based on the regular criteria. Teams have 6 hours to build their contraptions.

Alex and Caleb are doing a cat on a wire. Specifically a cat burglar. It’s a great idea.

This challenge is going to come down to a combination of luck and technical skill.

Trent and Paul are doing a barrel of monkeys. They aren’t known for their technic skills so today could be tough for them.

Nick and Gene are doing a floating island with a windmill on it. It sounds chunky. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Nick and Gene really need to balance their build.

Dan and Kirsti are doing adorable sloths. They are going to be riding a cable car. It makes sense for a cable car to be traversing a cable.

Lexi and Rachael are also doing a sloth. Without the cable car part. They are going with a mechanism that has their sloth crawling across the wire.

Joss and Henry are doing a chameleon. Good chance to take out points for aesthetics if they can make it across the wire. They are also going with a crawling style mechanism that works well in testing.

Lexi and Rachael also testing but have less success. Lexi wants to build a new mechanism and Rachael doesn’t think there is time to do that. There is a LOT of tension and I want to see the raw footage.

We come back from the ad-break with a very unhappy Rachael.

Our teams get stuck in to some last minute testing. Alex and Caleb seem to be doing well, as do Kirsti and Dan. Nick and Gene’s build is very wobbly.

Rachael and Lexi have to go back to their original mechanism.

Time is up and we are heading outside. Nick and Gene are not looking forward to the wind factor.

Alex and Caleb

I really like the cat burglar. It’s fun and cute. The mechanism works… slowly. Very slowly.  The batteries are going to die before it gets across. Their cat makes it 4.5m

Kirsti and Dan

A very simple concept but the sloths are very cute. It’s another very slow contraption. But… it makes it the full 10m. It took 3 days but they made it.

Lexi and Rachael

They hate each other but they both love their sloth. Their sloth simply doesn’t work. It’s a total of 0m.

Trent and Paul

The barrel of monkeys is a fun idea but they seem have gear issues. It only goes a few centimetres.

Joss and Henry

A really colourful build. It’s pretty. Their crawling mechanism seems to be working really well initially. Unfortunately it stops. Another gear issue it seems.

Nick and Gene

They really went for something novel here. It’s very chunky and very wobbly. They stop about half way and Hamish gives the wire a few jiggles and their build drops to the ground.

Kirsti and Dan take it out as the only successful team.

Now on to the next build…

Teams are presented with a huge minifigure scale city. The challenge is called Secret City. Each team gets a giant baseplate and has to build a secret part of the city. Something that is happening that the residents of the city don’t know about.

Dan and Kirsti get to assign the sections to each team.

Trent and Paul get the video store. Alex and Caleb get the corner. Lexi and Rachael get the toy store. Nick and Gene are given the basketball court. Joss and Henry are assigned the dentist. Dan and Kirsti choose the café for themselves.

 Teams have 10 hours.

Alex and Caleb are doing an evil coffee corporation that are pumping their toxic coffee in to the coffee shop on the corner. It seems they have a solid plan.

Lexi and Rachael are doing a hangry statue. Their secret is that the city’s statue is alive and getting hungry looking at the bakery. It might be hard to convey this. It’s also supposed to be secret so if the statue is alive people are going to notice. Brickman likes the idea though.

Joss and Henry are doing super hero dentists. They plan to build up to have a batcave style structure under their dentists office.

Nick and Gene have a bit of a blank canvas in the basketball court. They are doing a giant magpie hiding inside a building. It’s an interesting idea. It gives them a chance to tell lots of little stories.

Trent and Paul are doing a secret society of grannies making video games.

Kirsti and Dan are doing aliens having a party. They are using a parade as a plot device for their aliens being out among the minifigures. It’s fun.

Brickman arrives to share some secret information. They should look under their baseplate. This information is theirs to do with what they want. They get back to their desk and discover that there are baseplates underneath the section of city. This is a secret above and under challenge. Joss and Henry could use this information.

They work out how to adjust their build based on the new information but they are also conflicted about what to do with the information.

They decide to tell the other teams but in a weird spy thriller sort of way. Also there’s obviously a camera operator hiding under the table getting some… awkward shots.

With everybody aware of the extra build surface the teams get to work on adjusting their builds.

To line up their top and bottom builds Trent and Paul have to give up on their cutaway. This is going to hurt them I think.

Lexi and Rachael’s statue looks fantastic but Hamish arrives and points out that they have essentially built a toilet and I honestly thought that’s what they were going for?

If this is an elimination it’s going to be a tough one to pick. All the builds seem great.

It is an elimination today…

Kirsti and Dan

I really like this one. The big red monkey float does draw the eye in and the alien spaceship underground works really well. Safe from elimination for sure.

Joss and Henry

A solid build. The candy monster looks good and catches the guy. I think the plaque busters vehicle is a bit hidden but that could just be the angles shown on screen.

Nick and Gene

A fun story with lots happening. The sort of build that you want to spend time standing at to notice everything. Brickman isn’t a fan of the way they went with opening walls as a play feature to reveal things. I think they had an idea of what Secret City meant and went with that.

Lexi and Rachael

The statue is great but I don’t love the story. It’s meant to be secret but the statue is out in the open? Also the underground bit isn’t fantastic. Should have leant in to the toilet thing.

Alex and Caleb

I really like this one. There’s lots of vignettes that all contribute to a clear consistent story. This could win tonight.

Trent and Paul

These two could be in trouble. Their build seems to be smaller than the others and overall you can’t really see what is going on. The story elements are fun though, like the old people painting the pac-man ghosts.

Final results

Caleb and Alex are the first team called. The other top team is Dan and Kirsti. My top two tonight as well. Alex and Caleb take it out and I fully agree with this. They get the titanium brick and are safe if tomorrow is another elimination.

By default today’s bottom two are Trent and Paul, and Lexi and Rachael. This could go either way.

Lexi and Rachael are saved by the quality of their statue. Trent and Paul are out and heading home. There are hugs and tears. These two had fun ideas and will be missed.

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