LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 11 Recap

Our teams are building the future and battling it out for a guaranteed spot in finals week.

The build is called Window to the Future. Teams get a 3D box to build whatever they want to represent how they see the future. Lots of great story potential here.

Teams have 12 hours to build.

Nick and Gene decide to do a zero gravity skate park, inspired by the hoverboard.

Joss and Henry are building an ad for The Ultra Glove 2099. It’s like a swiss army knife but in glove form. Brickman is concerned it’s not going to be super clear that it’s from the future. They decide to stick with their vision.

Alex and Caleb are building the end of the world. A man sitting on a comfy chair as Earth burns in the background. This one seems to be the most realistic future presented so far.

Kirsti and Dan are building a big astronaut terraforming an alien world. They are doing forced perspective. Tough to pull off but could work really well.

Lexi and Rachael are struggling to come up with an idea. I mean it seems like Rachael is the only one throwing out ideas.

With a little help from Brickman they decide to go with a delivery drone idea.

The teams all test out their builds behind the window frame. Lexi and Rachael seem way behind while Dan and Kirsti might be having size issues.

Hamish brings out a button for Alex and Caleb to get their reward. The button forces the other teams to move in super slow-motion.

Teams have a lot of fun pretending to be in slow motion. Thankfully they are returned to normal speed.

Lexi and Rachael are really struggling today. Their drone does not look good. It’s just not a very futuristic shape and design. Lexi throws some serious shade on Rachael “I’m working as hard as I can but it’s a team effort and I need Rachael to come through as well”. Rachael looks at the camera like she wants to punch Lexi in the face. I hope these two get eliminated just so they can get away from each other.

With an hour remaining Hamish stops the clock to make it clear to the teams what they are playing for – win today and you are guaranteed to get in to finals week.

Alex and Caleb are happy with their build and then Brickman comes along and says “Where’s the future”. I’m sorry Brickman I didn’t realise we currently had people living off-planet while the world burned. They decide to add some robots.

Time is up. Let’s check out the future.

Nick and Gene

The hoverboard skatepark is awesome. Lots of great colours and technical skill. Could be a winner tonight.

Lexi and Rachael

This is… Not as bad as I expected it to be. It’s not amazing though. There’s definitely some scale issues, which may be from them not working well together.

Joss and Henry

I love the overall design and the concept, I just worry how well it sells “a look at the future”. Brickman is happy with it. Will probably be a top 2 build.

Alex and Caleb

Brickman still doesn;’t seem overly impressed with this but I like it. It’s a kind of messed up vision of the future and I like the different approach. I don’t think it will be a winner tonight though.

Kirsti and Dan

The forced perspective works, but it’s a little bit too busy. Probably not a top two build today.

Today is NOT an elimination. Which means that from now on every episode will be.

The top two teams are Joss and Henry and Nick and Gene. I think Nick and Gene should get this, there’s better fits the brief.

Henry and Joss take it out. Not the one I would have picked.

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