LEGO Masters 2022 – Episode 12 Recap

We are getting to the pointy end of the competition and tonight one team is going home.

Today’s build is a storytelling challenge. Each team will have to build a 3 part story framed within a theatre.

There is a set space and each of the three builds need to be part of a bigger whole. It’s a very open build and I’m excited.

Teams have 12 hours for this build. That’s 4 hours per scene.

Joss and Henry want to do the life of a dinosaur. Birth, life and then it on display in a museum. I think it’s a good idea.

The logistics of this build are interesting. Do you split the work or do one scene at a time?

Nick and Gene are both film makers so have a good understand of story structure. They are doing a boy and his snowman. Another good idea.

Lexi and Rachael are doing “9 to 5 grind”. A bored office working flipping his desk and heading to a tropical island. I think frames one and two might be too similar.

Lexi says that their idea is better than melted snow. Bit rude.

Alex and Caleb are doing two best friends. Playing a flight sim, growing up to be pilots and then one of them dying. Lots of teams going with tragedy today.

Kirsti and Dan are struggling to come up with an idea. Dan is a bit stumped today. There are plenty of classic stories that they can draw on for this. They’ve wasted an hour.

They finally decide to go on knight going on a quest and in the end befriending a dragon. It’s a nice subversion of what normally happens. I just hope they haven’t wasted time.

Nick and Gene think they need to tweak their third act. I can kind of agree.

Joss and Henry play “Name that Dinosaur” with Hamish. Their Allosaurus is looking good.

Lexi is STILL insulting Nick and Gene’s build. She also seems so pleased with their idea. She also thinks that the idea is so strong they can ignore Brickman. HE’S THE SOLE JUDGE! How do teams STILL not get this?

Kirsti and Dan are trying to power through and make up for the hour they lost. I assume a lot of this is editing to make them look way more behind.

Dan says that dragons are better than dinosaurs. He has a point.

I worry that Joss and Henry aren’t really telling a story more than just the passage of time.

Nick and Gene are tweaking their build. It’s not set after the snowman melting. It’s set AS the snowman is melting. A touching farewell.

Caleb is worried about time with just two hours to go. Kirsti and Dan probably are too.

To pep up our teams Hamish comes around with some yum cha for our teams. There’s chicken feet.

Alex and Caleb are really struggling with time.

The tweak to Nick and Gene’s final scene looks great.

Time is up and one team is going home.

Nick and Gene

Three fantastic scenes. It’s a clear story about a boy and his snowman. I really like what they did with the third scene. It’s emotive and tragic. Super well executed from a technical level. Probably today’s winner.

Alex and Caleb

Another really clear 3 act story well told. You know can tell what happens clearly. It’s got a tragic ending. A great result and clearly safe.

Joss and Henry

They have the brick so aren’t going home. While a great technical build I struggle to see the “story” in this. Brickman really likes it though.

Kirsti and Dan

I like the story but I think the execution lacks polish. The third dragon doesn’t really sell the emotion of them being friends at the end. Iin trouble today.

Lexi and Rachael

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this but I think it’s really good. I can see what Brickman saying about the first scene being unnecessary. I still think it’s more of a story than Joss and Henry’s build.

Having seen all the builds I think Kirsti and Dan are heading home today.

The first team joining Joss and Henry in finals week is Caleb and Alex. The second is Nick and Gene, obviously.

That means our bottom two teams are Lexi and Rachael, and Dan and Kirsti.

Kirsti and Dan are the team heading home tonight. A very sad farewell for these two.

We are back on Sunday with a build in the clouds.

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