LEGO Optimus Prime officially revealed

It’s the dream collaboration for so many fans of both Transformers and LEGO. One that most people assumed could never possibly happen. A toy company licencing their original IP to a different toy company? Surely not. Well this isn’t a prank – 10302 Optimus Prime is real.

There is no chance LEGO could release an Optimus Prime set and not have it transform so of course this set converts from truck to robot. You don’t need to pull the model apart to do the transformation either. The design is very vintage transformers toy with a very simple transformation.

The overall style is also very classic and not based on the live action version.

Optimus Prime is available June 1st for $259.99.

You can check out the product page here. [affiliate link]

3 thoughts on “LEGO Optimus Prime officially revealed

  1. Scott Reply

    Hahhaha, $260. As much as this is the perfect marriage of two of my favourite things and an amazing looking set, that price gouging is beyond ridiculous.
    If Amazon or other retailers don’t have it drastically reduced then I’ll be leaving it for those willing to pay such outrageous prices!

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