Quick Take: 21057 Singapore

The LEGO architecture line is one that I don’t actively seek out but I have found that whenever one of the sets crosses my path I end up having a good time because I am generally a fan of the scale that they work in. The latest LEGO Architecture set to cross my path is 21057 Singapore.

Firstly, I have absolutely no emotional connection to Singapore. It’s not a place I have ever been and not super high on my list of places to visit. This is nothing against Singapore it’s just my reality. The only connection that I have to the country is that I know guy from there.

I am saying that because I think with the skyline sets you need to have some connection to the city that is represented. That connection doesn’t have to be super deep, but $90 for LEGO model of a city that means nothing to you? Yeah that’s a tough sell.

Let’s assume that you do have a connection to Singapore and want to know if this set is good or not. It is, with caveats. You need to understand that this is built at a particular scale and that scale results in lots of small pieces. You have to be ok with that or you are going to hate the build. I also think RRP of $89.99 is at least $10 more than it should be.

The end result does look good and I know enough about Singapore to say that it seems to have the things you’d expect to see like the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. I have to assume the rest of the buildings are also important landmarks.

As a display piece I think it’s one of the prettier Skyline sets. Way more colourful than London and Paris.

To wrap up – buy this set if you like Singapore and you can find it on sale. It’s available from Amazon for $72 as of May 27th, which I think is a good price.

1 thought on “Quick Take: 21057 Singapore

  1. Bruce Reply

    I’m familiar with Singapore and this LEGO set really stands out for me.
    The infinity pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands is captured perfectly.
    Then there is the waterfront, the Raffles, the Supertree Grove.
    I was greatly impressed with this set.
    Too expensive though, but I’m afraid that a lot of LEGO sets are far too expensive these days.
    Thanks for the review.

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