There’s a lot of stuff coming out June 1st

I hope you’ve all been saving up your spare change because there are a lot of new sets released tomorrow (June 1st).

There’s City, Creator, Classic. That’s just the Cs!

Here are some of my highlights…

10302 Optimus Prime

You can’t go past this iconic character, and the first collaboration between Hasbro and LEGO.

41243 Ferrari Daytona SP3

For the Technic fans.

21058 Great Pyramid of Giza

I’m not the biggest Architecture fan but this looks great.

60337 Express Passenger Train

It’s a new remote controlled train! What’s not to like.

41955 Stitch-on Patch / 41954 Adhesive Patch

Have you ever thought “I wish this flat surface and/or item of clothing had studs on it”? Well I have great news for you with these two DOTS sets.

60346 Barn & Farm Animals

This is all about the cute animals.

You can check out all the new releases here.\

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