Big W Toy Sale 2022 – All the LEGO deals (so far)

The Big W toy sale catalogue is out and it’s time to check out all of the deals on offer.

But first the details of the sale itself. The sale kicks off online on June 14th at 7am AEST. That is probably going to go badly because it always does. If you prefer to do your LEGO shopping in-person the sale starts in stores on June 16th. The sale runs until July 13th.

You will also notice that in the title I have put “so far”. Why? Because page 3 of the catalogue teases that there is another catalogue of online only offers coming soon. The lack of big ticket items in this catalogue may be because they are being saved for the other one. This online only catalogue is released June 13th, with the offers available June 14th (I assume at the same 7am AEST time).

It’s interesting that Big W seem to be moving away from the big exclusive LEGO set in-stores. I know in years past those got a lot of people in to their local stores.

Price Match

During the in-store sales period Big W will match competitors advertised prices on any stocked toy items. I am sure this has been a price beat rather than match before. A price match you might as well just buy it from the cheaper store. Also you won’t be able to match Amazon or other online retailers. Competitors must have physical stores in Australia.

The offers

Here is what is on sale this year. As I mentioned it looks like the big sets are being held for the second catalogue. Sets marked with ^ are listed as Big W exclusives.

 Set #ThemeNamePriceRRPDiscount
11021Classic90 Years of Play ^$63.00$79.9921%
60307CityWildlife Rescue Camp ^$109.00$159.9932%
60354CityMissions Mars Spacecraft$36.00$49.9928%
60355CityMissions Water Police$36.00$49.9928%
60353CityMissions Wild Animal$36.00$49.9928%
60299CityStunt Competition$17.00$32.9948%
60341CityThe Knockdown Stunt Challenge$23.00$32.9930%
60338CitySmashing Chimpanzee Stunt Loop$63.00$79.9921%
60325CityCement Mixer Truck$17.00$32.9948%
60276CityPrisoner Transport$17.00$32.9948%
60313CitySpace Ride Amusement$47.00$59.9922%
41716FriendsStephanie's Sailing Adventure$45.00$59.9925%
41700FriendsBeach Glamping$45.00$59.9925%
41720FriendsWater Park$72.00$89.9920%
41708FriendsRoller Disco Arcade$72.00$89.9920%
41711FriendsEmma's Art School$88.00$109.9920%
41713FriendsOlivia's Space Academy$95.00$119.9921%
41702FriendsCanal Houseboat$85.00$119.9929%
41721FriendsOrganic Farm$112.00$139.9920%
43195DisneyBelle and Rapunzel's Royal Stables$55.00$79.9931%
43196DisneyBelle and the Beast's Castle$95.00$119.9921%
43207DisneyAriel's Underwater Palace$111.00$139.9921%
41956DotsIce Cream Picture Frams and Bracelet$39.00$49.9922%
41957DotsAdhesive Patches Mega Pack$39.00$49.9922%
41962DotsUnicorn Creative Family Pack$63.00$79.9921%
41961DotsDesigner Toolkit Patterns$79.00$99.9921%
11019ClassicBricks and Functions ^$29.00$49.9942%
31129CreatorMajestic Tiger$52.00$79.9935%
10965DuploBath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train$17.00$29.9943%
10966DuploBath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island$36.00$59.9940%
10973DuploWild Animals of South America$55.00$79.9931%
10963DuploSpider-Man & Friends Funfair Adventure$63.00$79.9921%
75343Star WarsDark Trooper Helmet$63.00$89.9930%
75329Star WarsTrench Run$63.00$89.9930%
42138TechnicFord Mustang Shelby GT500$55.00$79.9931%
42137TechnicFormula E Porsche 9X Electric$55.00$79.9931%
21183MinecraftThe Training Grounds$63.00$89.9930%
71397Super MarioLuigi's Mansion Lab and Poltergust$28.00$39.9930%
71399Super MarioLuigi's Mansion Entryway$39.00$59.9935%
71401Super MarioLuigi's Mansion Haunt-and-Seek$79.00$119.9934%
76183DC Super HeroesBatcave The Riddler Face-off$79.00$119.9934%
76156Marvel Super HeroesRise of the Domo$139.00$179.9923%
76830LightyearXyclops Chase$23.00$32.9930%
76831LightyearZurg Battle$35.00$49.9930%
76832LightyearXL-15 Spaceship$55.00$79.9931%
76397Harry PotterHogwarts Moment: Defence Class$29.00$49.9942%
76396Harry PotterHogwarts Moment: Divination Class$29.00$49.9942%
76398Harry PotterHogwarts Hospital Wing$55.00$79.9931%
76399Harry PotterHogwarts Magical Trunk$63.00$89.9930%
76943Jurassic WorldPterandodon Chase$23.00$32.9930%
76945Jurassic WorldAtrociraptor Dinosaur: Bike Chase$23.00$32.9930%
76946Jurassic WorldBlue & Beta Velociraptor Capture$36.00$49.9928%
76941Jurassic WorldPyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport$55.00$79.9931%
76944Jurassic WorldT-Rex Dinosaur Breakout$63.00$99.9937%
76948Jurassic WorldT-Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout$99.00$149.9934%
76949Jurassic WorldGigantosaurus and Therizinosaurus Attack$135.00$199.9932%

You can check out the catalogue here.

6 thoughts on “Big W Toy Sale 2022 – All the LEGO deals (so far)

  1. Magmafrost13 Reply

    The reason to take up a price-matching offer, at least in my experience, is if the cheaper store is out of stock in a physical location but still has the cheaper price listed online. So you can buy the set at the cheaper price at a physical Big W store and not have to worry about shipping times/costs/maybe the cheaper store wont even ship it to you

  2. StarBoy Reply

    Dang, hopefully the new Creator 3-in-1 sets are in the next catalog…!

  3. Scott Reply

    So Kmart standard prices are cheaper or the same for almost all sets except the digital adventure sets.
    Looks to be a rather meh sale overall. Some non Lego items in the catalogue have been cheaper in previous general sales/promotions than they are in this sale.

  4. marto Reply

    @MAGMAFROST13 – That’s not often the case these days. It seems more stores are instructed to check instore stock and if they show up as not in stock (or clearance) they won’t match it. What’s worse is they compare the store in the SAME centre too before deciding to match or not. Discovered this with Kmart, Target and Big W.

  5. Justsomeguy Reply

    Had this in a JB Hi Fi store a few years ago. Their attitude was ‘there is no-one in this shopping Centre with our price so we will not price match’.

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