Spaceship? Spaceship! 10497 Galaxy Explorer announced

Classic space fans are in for a treat with this remake of the iconic Galaxy Explorer. LEGO are celebrating their history for their 90th birthday and you can’t have a LEGO birthday celebration without a spaceship.

Coming in at 1246 pieces this set also comes with 4 classic space minifigures.

You can pre-order the set from 18th of June, with general sale from August 1st. Australian RRP is $179.99

The LEGO Galaxy Explorer

This spaceship is a special LEGO 90th anniversary edition of the Classic 497 LEGO Galaxy Explorer first released in 1979.  The new model still retains the classic colour scheme and blended delta wing configuration of the original ship and stands on its three retractable landing legs. Space and LEGO fans will enjoy galactic adventures with features, including four astronaut figures, a robot helper, living compartments for all, and an extendable ramp that can deploy the rover.

5 thoughts on “Spaceship? Spaceship! 10497 Galaxy Explorer announced

  1. Micha Reply

    Overall looking great, but a few things:
    * Not sure I like the slanted brick lines for the front cockpit.
    * Disappointed there’s no base-plate or mini-base included as with the original.
    * Dislike all the coloured bricks used in the internal parts of the build (seen on some websites) .. keep it blue-and-grey!
    * Would have preferred smaller modular cockpits consisting of multiple bricks; yes the new ones look great, but they’re huge bespoke pieces which can’t be easily reused.
    * Dislike the fact they re-used the LL928 ID brick – the reimagined ship should have its own unique ID.

    Looking forward to seeing it next to my original LL928 though..

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