21336 The Office revealed

The Office is one of the few shows that I have watched multiple times, so I truly appreciate just how awesome 21336 The Office is.

This 1164 piece set is packed with references to classic moments from the show. From Kevin’s chilli to Pam’s teapot there are details galore for fans to spot.

I don’t expect this to be the most technically complex build but it’s hard to complain about 15 LEGO minifigures: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Ryan Howard, Angela Martin, Oscar Martinez, Kevin Malone, Stanley Hudson, Kelly Kapoor, Phyllis Lapin Vance, Meredith Palmer, Creed Bratton, Toby Flenderson and Darryl Philbin.

12 of those minifigures even have double face prints.

You can pre-order this set NOW with an official release date of October 1st 2022. It will cost $179.99 here in Australia.

5 thoughts on “21336 The Office revealed

  1. Mark Reply

    Excellent. Re-watching on netflix and the chilli scene was the most recent episode!

    Lots of the expected UK original version is better debate around the internet with this release, which is unfortunate as I suspect most these comments probably never got past season 1 of the US series.

  2. Andrew Reply

    I was disappointed the set was going to be the US copy rather than the original, but I do understand that it would have been hard for Lego to have justified making a “stapler in the jelly” element – there wouldn’t have been many sets they could have reused that in.

  3. MattL Reply

    Love it. It might be time for Lego to introduce a more in-scale telephone handset piece.

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