10497 Galaxy Explorer listed at Kmart

Keen on getting the 90th birthday celebration set 10497 Galaxy Explorer? Well then you may be interested in this Kmart listing…

LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer 10497 – $159.00

Stock appears to be limited and sold out in some locations.

There are some reports that this set will be a Kmart exclusive outside of LEGO and LCS.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

4 thoughts on “10497 Galaxy Explorer listed at Kmart

  1. Brick Chap Reply

    Great that this will be available at Kmart. But just to clarify, the castle will only ever be sold at Lego? It won’t be sold at Myers or David Jones for example? I’m hoping to get it on sale eventually.

  2. Andrew Reply

    That’s a shame. K Mart basically never has stock of any desirable sets, I can’t understand Lego’s thinking there. They’re also notorious for cancelling online orders even if the website says it’s in stock. Will just have to pay the premium at lego.com.

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